Saturday 25 March 2017

MotherSloth - Moon Omen (Album Review)

Release date: March 03rd 2017. Label: Argonauta Records. Format: CD/DD

Moon Omen – Tracklisting

1.Shadow Witch 07:06
2.Once Human 05:50
3.The Firemill 07:20
4.Doomsday Cyborg 06:49
5.Wish For Dawn 06:55
6.Moon Omen 09:06


Oscar: drums
Daniel: voice / guitars
Moline: bass guitar


If you're expecting Moribund Star Part 2 then you're going to be extremely disappointed. As Moon Omen is a very different album from MotherSloth. It's a more progressive and experimental album compared to Moribund Star.

It's a brilliantly produced album. I can't deny that. It even has some intriguing and well executed concepts throughout the album. It's just that compared to Moribund Star which I'm a huge fan of, Moon Omen doesn't quite match up in terms of overall enjoyment. That's not too say it's a bad album. Far from it. It's a very good album indeed. I was expecting so much more.

If you're a fan of experimental and almost avant garde Doom/Sludge Metal then you will find much to enjoy here. MotherSloth do create stunning riffs on tracks such as Shadow Witch, Once Human and the awesome title track – Moon Omen.

The vocals are another highlight with Daniel showing his impressive vocal range throughout the album. I enjoyed the Alice In Chains grunge style theatrics that the band include on certain parts of the album. It seems that MotherSloth have taken influence from YOB and Pallbearer on this album as you can hear familiar sounds especially with guitars.

I can see why MotherSloth wanted to make a different album to Moribund Star. On that album you could see they were a forward thinking band who are willing to take risks with their music. Even if it meant losing some of their original fan-base. I'm still a fan and I admire their decision in making an album such as this. The album is already receiving it's fair share of praise. If this was the first time I heard MotherSloth then I would absolutely love this album. It's that I hold Moribund Star in such high regard that I can't stop comparing the two albums.

If you're a fan of Experimental Sludge/Doom Metal then you will no doubt enjoy this album. It's a brave and exciting album at times. Though I will be listening to Moribund Star more than Moon Omen. Though I have a feeling this is an album that I will be revisiting in the future and changing my mind about. Until then.......

Make your own decisions about Moon Omen.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to NeeCee Agency and Argonauta Records for the promo. Moon Omen is available to buy now from Argonauta Records on CD/DD