Saturday 4 March 2017

ODDHUMS - The Inception (EP Review)

Release date: September 12th 2016. Label: Third I Rex/The Braves Records. Format: CD/DD

The Inception – Tracklisting

1.Dimgaze 04:54
2.Big Brave 05:50
3.Wounds 04:30
4.Under Siege 03:48

Band Members

Freg / Guitar
Keke / Drums
Will / Bass & Vocal


Oddhums are a band that I've been avoiding recently. Well not avoiding. Mainly forgetting to check them out. I've seen a few reviews flying about of their debut EP – The Inception. Well more fool me as this is a stunning slice of Sludge, Doom, Stoner and bursts of angry Post-Rock vibes.

Opening track – Dimgaze – offers a stark contrast of different noises and emotions with the band creating an Alice In Chains style sound. The vocals are very cool as they drift from post-rock atmospherics to the heavier sludge/doom style of vocals.

Second track – Big Brave – is perhaps the standout song on the EP. As Oddhums merge grungy psychedelic rock with a more gloomy doom sound. The song starts really slow before exploding in a loud wall of noise. I can hear a slight Soundgarden influence throughout this song. The psychedelic riffs and vocals at the end show what Oddhums are truly capable of. This is a captivating style of Sludge/Doom/Grunge/Stoner Rock.

Third track – Wounds – opens with a haunting groove before the sublime vocals appear as Oddhums change their style of music yet again with the band shifting for a more direct Sludge Rock/Metal approach. The heavy bass adds a very loud touch and one that allows Oddhums to focus on other areas of their music.

Fourth track – Under Siege – is the heaviest song on the EP as Oddhums impress yet again for one final time. The hybrid sounds are there for everyone to hear and feel as the Doom/Post-Rock elements drift into the heavier Sludge/Stoner sounds. The influence of Soundgarden influence there again but you can also hear an Industrial Rock/Metal influence as well.

The Inception is a great EP though it would have worked better as full length album. Oddhums have some very cool and intriguing ideas and it's a shame they don't' fully explore them here. Apart from that minor issue, The Inception is a superb debut EP from Oddhums.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe