Saturday 18 March 2017

OHHMS - The Fool (Album Review)

Release date: March 31st 2017. Label: Holy Roar Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

The Fool – Tracklisting
1.Shuffle, Cut and Reveal
2.The Magician
3.The Hanged Man
4.The World
5.The Lovers
6.The Hierophant

Band Members

Chainy Chainy - Bass
Max Newton - Drums
Daniel Sargent - Guitars
Marc George - Guitars
Paul Waller - Vocals


OHHMS’ full-length debut is a journey of musical composition, through doom metal fact and progressive rock fiction. The record is appropriately furnished with different tracks that all morph to create a successful album. We are essentially all fools in that many of the answers to our own questions are carried within us or just within our grasp, however we require an outside storyteller to guide or understand our expedition. This is an impressive album, analogous to this previous belief, with numerous harmonious symbols of the Tarot that specifically tell and foretell one’s excursion through a heavy, encyclopedic progression of sludge rock. At one point I was almost possessed to tear up my wooden floor just to walk over the naked earth beneath and discover my destiny through a shuffle of the cards. To the songs…

Shuffle, Cut and Reveal - the opening track is an acoustic interlude with a touch of troubling sounds. The perfect preface to your own prophecy foretold.

The Magician - this track embodies a technique that separates the song like a cleaver through warm bread. The overall gloomy crust contains a deep, wading raw power of doom infused with resonant vocals both mixed up with passionate sticky parts and a call to the dark arts. This magician’s song is an essential task, the goal of which is to transform underlying musical sensations into your own character interpretations. There is a power exchange here between the band’s composition and the listener’s elucidation; your path of choice will either send you on a voyage to meet saints or greet demons.

The Hanged Man - This track ‘s tremendously atmospheric inception is an invitation to a heavy, rudimentary styled song that throws waves of raw distortion against an old wooden wall that is thirsty for moisture of any kind. The vocals are raspy and full of angst. The drums topple like an avalanche of falling bricks but never miss a beat at the touchdown mark. The tail end of the song is pure fulfilment. All in all, a great song that makes one feel young and virulent, despite the subject matter, but I guess rage will do that to desperate men. You are only hanged if upside down and those precious moments bring lucidity.

The World - a song of machine riffage accompanied by well placed vocal/instrument explosions, stretched out softer sequences with indulgent singing passages and an echoed end. Cosmic completeness.

The Lovers - a melodious, mesmerizing tune of male and female vocals that is overflowing with emotion centered around the core which is the ultimate decision to forge a relationship built on certain sacrifice towards lasting potential.

The Hierophant - The last track is a masterful metal benediction. An ambient soundscape incorporates monk like chants that build the bridge between heaven hums and earth tones. These papal shamans understand the balance of distortion and clarity, providing a nurturing listen. The band’s identity is solidified on this track and they are at peace in their own church constructed without cluttered pews. You have been blessed, so feel unbroken and perpetual again. If you listen to ‘The Fool’, OHHMS rule…

Words by Nick Palmisano

Thanks to Claire at Purple Sage PR for the promo. The Fool will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Holy Roar Records from March 31st 2017.