Friday, 12 May 2017

Jukebox Monkey - Grey Skies Red Planet (Album Review)

Release date: April 28th 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

Grey Skies Red Planet – Tracklisting

1.They're Building A Gallows 06:26
2.Death on Mars 04:18
3.Daughter and Heir 05:21
4.This Septic Isle 03:55
5.Liquid Mistress 06:34
6.Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue 04:58
7.Crawling as the Crow Flies 07:46
8.Divisions 07:04


Chris D- Vocals and guitar
Pete - Drums
Chris H- Guitar
Niki J - Bass


There is only one way to describe UK Stoner Metallers JUKEBOX MONKEY new album – Grey Skies Red Planet – and that is - FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC. It's very surprising that we haven't seen many reviews for this album as it's a great listen from start to finish with the band influenced by the classic sounds of Stoner Metal, Doom Metal and Heavy Metal. The vocals from Chris D really shine through especially on the opening track – They're Building A Gallows.

Fans of Kyuss, Desert Storm and Orange Goblin will find much to enjoy here. Though Jukebox Monkey add a more space rock vibe on songs such as Death On Mars, This Septic Isle, Liquid Mistress and Dictionary Of The Vulgar King. The instrumental work is another highlight of the album as these guys really know how to play their instruments to make an almighty impressive loud racket.

The album provides a true reflection on what to expect on the album. Epic riffs are the main order of business but this album has such an infectious groove that will soon have you under their spell. The lyrics even though way over the top at times, actually keep you entertained when merged with the heavy riffs.

Some people may think Jukebox Monkey don't offer anything new or original within the Stoner Rock/Metal scene. True, whilst that may be true in some aspects. You can't deny how exciting this album truly is. Jukebox Monkey wear their influences on their sleeves and they do it so well. The album has cool moments of Blues Rock appearing here and there.

It's the final two tracks – Crawling As The Crow Flies and Divisions – is where Jukebox Monkey excel at. As they offer 15 minutes of pure vintage Stoner Metal chaos and they leave you wanting more. The only downside of the album is that sometimes the production can be too loud at times and other times you want to hear more volume. It's only for a few moments but it shouldn't stop you enjoying this kick-ass album.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe