Wednesday 31 May 2017

News: Details on UK Documentary - THE DOOM DOC

The Doom Doc is a captivating, visceral look into the world of doom, a super slow subgenre of heavy metal. Sheffield filmmaker, Connor Matheson follows the story of Holy Spider, a group of doom gig promoters in Sheffield, and speaks to Black Sabbath's Bill Ward, Crowbar's Kirk Windstein, Conan, Primitive Man and Slabdragger, as well as up-and-coming UK bands such as Kurokuma and Under. The film also features plenty of immersive footage from live shows in bars and basements, and explores issues such as drug use, mental health and gentrification through the lens of heavy music. 

Made on a budget of £2000, this is the first documentary ever on UK doom, sludge and stoner, a scene that traces its roots all the way back to Black Sabbath's debut in 1970 but is currently thriving like never before.

We recently announced the premiere of The Doom Doc: 8pm on Sunday 9th July at the Showroom Cinema, Sheffield (certificate 18). There will be a Q&A session afterwards featuring Connor Matheson (director/producer), Joe Allen (Holy Spider/Kurokuma) and Rob Graham (Drenge, ex-Wet Nuns). 

Tickets (£8.80 or £6.60 for concessions) can be bought at: Facebook event page:

We've also just released a brand new trailer!

Here's a full list of contributors:

Black Sabbath – Bill Ward, Vinny Appice
Crowbar/Down – Kirk Windstein
Conan – Jon Davis, Chris Fielding
Primitive Man – Ethan McCarthy, Joe Linden, Jonathan Campos
Slabdragger – Yusuf Tary, Jack Newnham, Sam Thredder
Kurokuma – Joe Allen, George Ionita
Wet Nuns – Rob Graham
Under – Simon Mayo, Matt Franklin, Andy Preece
Lunar Maria – Corin Bruce
Holy Spider Promotions – Joe Allen, Craig Bagshaw, Terry Larkin
Terrorizer magazine – Kez Whelan
The Lughole (venue) – Avi De
Tye Die Tapes (venue) – Adam Zejma