Saturday 3 June 2017

Beneath The Divine - The Wicked Resurrection (Album Review)

Release date: May 19th 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

The Wicked Resurrection – Tracklisting

1.Odin`s Law 05:36
2.Swamp King 06:12
3.Broken Man 08:09
4.Walking with the Witch 05:53
5.Phoenix Rising 04:34
6.Dear Father 06:47
7.Fire in Heaven 07:24
8.The Truth will Rise 04:36

Band Members:

Bass - Tim
Drums - Barney
Guitar - Kev
Vocals - Jason


Beneath The Divine aren't your typical Stoner Metal band. As the band fuse traditional heavy metal riffs with superb vocals to match. There are a few sludge metal riffs that can be heard on their new album – The Wicked Resurrection. The lyrics are a bit out there at times especially on the opening track – Odin's Law.

The main item that holds your attention is the superb riffs. Beneath The Divine create some highly addictive riffs throughout the album. The production is handled superbly well as the album sounds great from start to finish.

Odin's Law has a classic heavy metal with traces of battle-metal style chants. Put this against a Stoner Metal backdrop and you have an intriguing song to open the album with. I was expecting THOR to make an appearance when the chants of ODIN start to appear. This song is a great way to open the album with and it shows you what to expect on the rest of the album.

Songs such as Swamp King, Broken Man, Phoenix Rising and The Truth Will Rise all show that Beneath The Divine can create catchy riffs with some cool lyrics to match. Fans of Orange Goblin will sure find much to enjoy here. Lead vocalist Jason impresses throughout with his clean sounding vocals having a Grunge/Blues/Doom feel to them.

Beneath The Divine proves that the UK Stoner Metal scene is still capable of providing great bands with a distinctive sound of their own. I urge you all to check out this band now as they have delivered a pulsating album with The Wicked Resurrection that's packed full of great songs that will have you coming back for more.

Words by Steve Howe