Saturday 17 June 2017

Codeia - "don't be afraid", she whispered and disappeared (Album Review)

Release date: June 02nd 2017. Label: Backbite Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

"don't be afraid", she whispered and disappeared – Tracklisting

1.Lost In Translation 21:56
2.Shaping Stone 09:02
3.Facing Extinction 15:50

Band Members:

Markus; Denis; Timo


Codeia have only been going as a band since 2016 and they have just released their debut album - “don't be afraid”, she whispered and disappeared. The band create a thin line between post-rock, post-metal, post-hardcore and doom based sounds. The album isn't an easy listen as Codeia aren't your typical Post-Rock/Post-Metal band. They create different sounds that could be ISIS (The Band)/Neurosis style heaviness one moment and blissful ambient post-rock sounds the next.

Opening track – Lost In Translation – is a multi-layered song with different parts and chapters to it. Codeia weave post-rock dynamics with a trance based sludge/post-metal sound with distorted vocals and bleak soundclips to match. Some parts of this song have a certain Tool-esque feel to them but I prefer when the band play the familiar styling of bands such as Isis (The Band) and Neurosis. As Post-Metal is one of my favourite genres of music and Codeia tap into that euphoric post-rock/post-metal high when the loud riffs finally come along, it's nigh on impossible not to be swept away by it all. Maybe the song could have been about 5 minutes shorter as it's an epic 22 minute journey that could be too frustrating for some. Though the band keep you entertained throughout with complex rhythms and sounds that will soon get under your skin.

Second track – Shaping Stone – is a more dynamic post-rock song with haunting vocals to match. The mood does become heavier with traditional sludge based guitars making a welcome appearance. This is perhaps the most exciting track on the album as Codeia have less time to play with this song. Though still epic at almost 10 minutes in length.

Third track – Facing Extinction – is a very cold and subtle affair with Codeia once again experimenting with their sound. Psychedelic and industrial style noises weave into the familiar Post-Rock/Post-Metal surroundings as Codeia create a challenging and complex song that I found to be very frustrating at times. Though you have to give Codeia credit for trying something different.

Overall, “don't be afraid”, she whispered and disappeared – is a challenging and beautifully played album. If you're a fan of bands such as Russian Circles, ISIS (The Band) and Neurosis then you will find much to enjoy here.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe