Tuesday 20 June 2017

Tombs - The Grand Annihilation (Album Review)

Release date: June 16th 2017. Label: Metal Blade Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

The Great Annihilation – Tracklisting

1.Black Sun Horizon 05:23
2.Cold 04:50
3.Old Wounds 03:40
4.November Wolves 06:22
5.Underneath 04:26
6.Way of the Storm 07:10
7.Shadows at the End of the World 04:34
8.Walk with Me in Nightmares 02:17
9.Saturnalian 03:08
10.Temple of Mars 06:47


The bridge and tunnel men are back to herd a compilation of creature like songs that flourish in the sewer. ‘Tombs’ is a product of their environment with a resiliency of same, true survivors with a story or maybe more of a warning that builds on the bleak, calls attention to the languid and stirs the omnipresent cauldron of our petty existence. The bulls of ‘Brooklyn’, ‘Tombs’ are motivated with burning hearts of ancient fire. Mike Hill deserves any and all of the blue and gold adulation for propagating the colossal contradiction of life in the ‘Tombs’.

Black Sun Horizon- This is the consummate unswerving and persistent album opener, demonstrating a steadfast dedication to the speed and ferocity of metal.

Cold-A dark and vicious song assembled with distorted guitars, calculator drums and palpable screams.

Old Wounds-Black iron chugged through corrugated pipes, with a brief, yet terrific melodic passage.

November Wolves is a display of resonant crunch and partisan waveforms that register deep within your pewter bones producing a dichotomous effect of the harmonic and the growl.

Underneath-a monotone vocal delivery supported by progressive bass, gauged guitar and throbbing percussion. Teenage reminiscences with meat entrapped tusks…think of a beloved “Joy Division’ tape, warped from constant play and poor storage under the front seat of your mom’s sedan.

Way Of The Strom- momentary surreal technology segues into pandemonium as the machine ignites, rips you apart and reassembles your enhanced version of self.

Shadows at the End of the World-tried and true university black metal.

Walk with Me in Nightmares-The title alone is freezer chilling for this living world and sums up the sound and resultant feeling of the song.

Saturnalian-A tribute to American gothic metal, a middle aged punk in titanium.

Temple of Mars-The ideal album closer prepared with a slow drone, atmospheric of liquorish silver and a brutal crepitation avowing… ‘dark angel rise’.

If you are a Tombs enthusiast, captivated by their gloomy style and charred by their past burnt album offerings, then “The Grand Annihilation” will substantiate your voracious addiction with no conceivable prospect of a future recovery. This is another huge album of sinister heaviness spawned by the prodigious band called “Tombs”.

Words by Nick Palmisano

Thanks to Andy at Metal Blade for the promo. The Grand Annihilation is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl now from Metal Blade Records.