Thursday 8 June 2017

Dirt Forge - Soothsayer (Album Review)

Release date: May 30th 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: DD/Vinyl

Soothsayer – Tracklisting

1.Rust & Copper 07:04
2.Fortress Burning 05:25
3.Bring Me Good Noose 08:28
4.Intet Tabt, Intet H├Žndt 01:30
5.Stone 04:25
6.Soothsayer I: The Blind 06:59
7.Soothsayer II: Die Waiting 05:29
8.Soothsayer III: For Our End 05:46

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Dirt Forge unleashes their brutally heavy new album - Soothsayer. A mixture of sludge, doom and post-metallic riffs with the vocals adding a hardcore edge. Fans of High Of Fire will perhaps enjoy this album the most as Dirt Forge play a similar kind of Sludge Metal. Though the band adds elements of Doom and Post-Metal sounds on different parts of the album.

Opening track - Rust & Copper - is part aggression and part melody with the emphasis firmly on being heavy and loud. The lyrics are firmly rooted in Doom Metal and that allows the band to create a slightly depressing atmosphere, which is what you want with a band such as Dirt Forge. The band even manages to find time to include some Yob style doom metal theatrics towards the end of the song. A welcome addition to Dirt Forge's already addictive sound.

Second track - Fortress Burning - opens with a calmer riff with the song slowly creating different levels of doomier sounds before the heavier riffs appear. The mood becomes more volatile as the music is played at a fast pace. The song follows the same path as the opening track but one that allows the band to try their hand playing Stoner Metal. It's a groovier and heavier sound and harks back to the earlier days of High On Fire. The vocals range from hardcore based growls to a calmer and quieter approach which suits the music quite well. Especially when Dirt Forge slow things right down. It allows the song and album to flow naturally. Though it wouldn't be a true Doom/Sludge Metal album if the heavy sounds stayed away for good.

Third track - Bring Me Good Noose - is perhaps the heaviest and gloomiest track on the album. The lyrics once again impress from the start. Dirt Forge start to prove they're a band worth giving a damn about. The song may have a simple premise but the band execute this with precise timing and delivery. This song is perhaps the standout track on the album as the band even add moments of traditional rock and roll for a more rocking atmosphere. Imagine a sludgier version of Red Fang and you have the direction of where Dirt Forge feel and sound like on this song.

Dirt Forge continue with their heavy Doom/Sludge sound on five other great songs on the album such as: Stone and the blistering three part Soothsayer mini sludge rock opus. Dirt Forge has created a wildly addictive album that oozes violent charm and confidence. The album is packed full of murky progressive sludge/doom sounds and a whole lot of attitude to match.

The production is excellent throughout as the sound is clear from the start. Dirt Forge take influence from many of the current big-hitters from today's scene, however they still manage to put their own stamp of authority on this spellbinding album.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe