Thursday, 25 May 2017

Kong Lives - KONG SAVES (EP Review)

Release date: May 2nd 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Kong Saves – Tracklisting

1.Dimitri 07:42
2.Death, And Other Privilege 04:49
3.McMaggot 06:01
4.Thoughts Of Future Past (feat. Sam 'Slam' Wall) 09:25


Dai - Guitar/Vocals
Dibble - Bass/Vocals
Kane - Guitar/Vocals
Luke - Drums/Vocals


Kong Lives is a Stoner/Doom/Post-Metal band from Newport, UK. According to their band line-up, each member provides vocals on their new EP – Kong Saves. It's a heavy affair with the band showing a distinct taste of filth-ridden grooves and riffs. I don't know who is the actual lead vocalist but whoever it is they do a great job on the opening track – Dimitri.

Dimitri blends post-metal/hardcore sounds with a murky Doom/Stoner Metal vibe. The whole mood is filtered with heavy psychedelic noises as Kong Lives play to their strengths. The production is handled surprisingly well for their debut release. It has a DIY feel at times but the whole album sounds good from start to finish. Kong Lives will surprise a lot of people with their debut release. As the band switches gears and start playing a more direct progressive rock sound. Clean vocals appear for a brief moment before the band return to the earlier hardcore based growls.

Second track – Death, And Other Privilege – opts for a more Sludge Rock sound with hints of NOLA style riffage. It's not as polished as the opening track but it has a high amount of cool riffs. The vocals remain with the early hardcore growls with moments of clean angry pissed off vocals. The music is the main highlight here as Kong Lives inject a fresh and manic sound at times.

Third track – McMaggot – is the more Stoner Rock/Metal orientated song on this EP and it's good to hear Kong Lives open the song with a slow-paced riff. You are still treated to moments of heavy filthy doom but the overall mood remains within the bleak Stoner Metal world.

The final track - Thoughts Of Future Past – is perhaps the strongest track on the EP as the band take influence from Ufomammut at times. Heavy spaced out sounds merged with the killer vocals from Sam 'Slam' Wall from Judas Cradle. Psychedelic Doom noises interact with post-metallic vibes that leave you wanting more.

Kong Saves is a stunning debut EP from a band who have huge potential. They're not the finished article yet but these guys are definitely worth keeping an eye on. I'm intrigued to see what these guys can do when let loose in a professional recording studio and perhaps when they've released a full length album. Time will tell......

Words by Steve Howe