Sunday 1 April 2018

Lonely Kamel - Death's-Head Hawkmoth (Album Review)

Release date: March 23rd 2018. Label: Stickman Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Death's​-​Head Hawkmoth – Tracklisting

1.Fascist Bastard 07:52
2.Psychedelic Warfare 05:06
3.Move On 02:20
4.Inside 07:06
5.More Weed Less Hate 05:35
6.Inebriated 05:03
7.The Day I'm Gone 10:53


Stian Helle – Bass, backing vocals
Espen Nesset – Drums & percussion, backing vocals and lap steel
Thomas Brenna – Guitar and vocals


Lonely Kamel last album was Shit City and where the band were signed to Napalm Records. Almost 4 years later the band are now signed to Stickman Records and have a more diverse heavier sound compared to their earlier releases. Sure their trademark Psychedelic/Blues Rock sound remains but the band have added a heavier Stoner Metal and Hard Rock groove.

Death’s-Head Hawkmoth is perhaps the bands most diverse and complete album to date. I was a huge fan of Shit City but this album is on a different level altogether. From the opening track – Fascist Bastard – Lonely Kamel don’t hold back in unleashing heavy amounts of guitar based Psychedelic Stoner sounds. The vocals from Thomas have a more grungier and dirtier feel with Lonely Kamel undergoing a dark lyrical transformation as well.

Second track – Psychedelic Warfare – is perhaps influenced by the more heavier Stoner Metal bands currently out there but Lonely Kamel still excel in creating their own blues rock sound. Merging 70s Hard Rock vibes with a more modern sound. This song carries on the bleak tone from the opening track. The vocals take some time getting used to.

Third track – Moving On – is a weird mixture of ambient post-rock sounds and semi-acoustic style rhythms and vocals. It’s kinda cool but doesn’t add anything fresh to the whole theme of the album.

The next two songs on the album – Inside and More Weed Less Hate – offer the most exciting moments heard on the entire album. As Lonely Kamel finally settle down into a confident groove and play classic sounding hard-rocking riffs. The vocals and lyrical content held on these songs really set this album alight with genuine excitement. The frenzied guitars and angry drums leave you wanting more.

There’s no denying that the production on the album is superb from the start. My only minor criticism is that the band sounded better on Shit City. Though that doesn’t stop Death’s-Head Hawkmoth being a well-crafted and hugely intelligent album. Long-time fans will perhaps find the most enjoyment from this album.

You can embrace the fact that Lonely Kamel have released quite a dark album but one that offers many exciting moments of pure Stoner Rock/Metal genius.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Nick at Stickman Records for the promo. Death’s-Head Hawkmoth is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl now.