Saturday 14 April 2018

BROND - Graveyard Campfire (Album Review) and New Song Premiere Of Ghostfucker

Release date: April 18th 2018. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Graveyard Campfire – Tracklisting

1.Enter Shamari
2.Harvest The Sun
4.Impossible Downhill
5.Graveyard Campfire
6.Voice Of The Void
7.Backbone Supreme


Maksim Stoimenov – Drums/Vocals
Oleg Shulev- Bass/Vocals
Vili Popov – Guitars/Vocals
Petar Peikov – Guitars/Vocals


BROND are a band I've heard of before but I never give the band my full attention until their blistering new album - Graveyard Campfire. The album is volatile mix of Punk, Noise Rock, Fuzz, Psych and heavy Stoner Rock/Metal sounds. Opening with the frantically crazy - Enter Shamari. BROND get straight down to business playing a hybrid Punk/Noise/Stoner Rock song with plenty of sludgy attitude to match.

The mood is violently upbeat with noisy guitars making you fall under their dynamic spell. The vocals are mainly influenced by the Hardcore Punk genre but you can still hear elements of old-school Hard Rock roots. The music becomes very psychedelic towards the end with BROND firmly moving into more familiar Desert/Fuzz/Stoner Rock territory. This song tells you how the rest of the album will follow. It's a crazy wild ride with BROND trying their hand at almost every different sound they can possibly lay their hands on.

The album flows from one cool song to the next with songs such as Harvest The Sun, Failure, Graveyard Campfire, Voice Of The Void and the excellent last song - Ghostfucker - showing that BROND never stick to one overall sound.

The vocals are clean and highly confident throughout the album. Maybe the Noise/Punk Rock album may drive some people away from the album and that's a shame. As BROND create some highly energetic Stoner Rock/Metal noise that's quite edgy at times. BROND are quite fearless on the album especially when they merge the albums different musical elements.

Some parts of the album have a Torche-esque feel. As the album can be quite "poppy" at times but BROND then play a Sludgy guitar riff that moves the album into heavier territory. Perhaps more on songs such as Harvest The Sun, Graveyard Campfire and Ghostfucker.

BROND are quite capable at playing epic progressive sounds. It shouldn't really work with the Punk Rock dynamics BROND include on the album. However, it does and BROND pull this off with immense style. Maybe BROND have included too many different musical elements on certain parts of the album. Though it doesn't affect the overall sound of the album.

As Graveyard Campfire is a mighty step forward of BROND. This is an album that should see BROND make a name for themselves within the Sludge/Stoner Rock scene. Graveyard Campfire is a daring, challenging, exciting and action packed album.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to the band for allowing me to premiere the briliantly outrageous song – Ghostfucker – from the new album.


Regret with teeth like worn out rails and it’s head on the flaming floor of a place where the dead dance away in thunder. By the rhythm of their breaking bones. Remember. Ghostfucker! Every time you look away, you seem to be looking back. Ghostfucker! Every stone unturned is a tombstone in your path. Ghostfucker! Every time you look away you, seem to be looking back. Ghostfucker! And there’s a ghost you’d like to to fuck. Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance away in thunder! Dance! God damn it!

Quote about the song:

“Ghostfucker is the longest & slowest (kinda) song on the record and is one of the first songs we wrote for the record. Today we see more and more people return to their personal past for comfort with the illusion somehow things “were better back then” - movies, music, relationships, experiences. But getting addicted to nostalgia can only lead you to being miserable about the present, so fuck that. I hope the song translates that.

Graveyard Campfire will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl from April 18th 2018.


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