Sunday, 1 April 2018

Nauseahtake - Savaris Iyr Qaddish (EP Review)

Release date: March 28th 2018. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Savaris Iyr Qaddish – Tracklisting

1.Savaris Iyr qaddish 18:39


Thunder | Elder
Earth | Nemo
Sea | Tedo
Clouds | Djox


Nauseahtake released their debut album LAWS OF MULTIVERSAL GRAVITATION back in 2014. Listening to the album for the first time in a few years I instantly remembered why I admired it originally. It was down to Nauseahtake creating a very unique sound that blends post-metal, doom, sludge, stoner and even noise rock for a harsh and unpredictable audio experience. Parts, ISIS (The Band), Today Is The Day, Neurosis and The Melvins. Though that’s only a brief glimpse to Nauseahtake dark and volatile world.

Well fast-forward 4 years and Nauseahtake return with their 18 minute plus epic new EP - Savaris Iyr Qaddish. Nothing much has changed from their debut album as Nauseahtake still manage to confuse and delight in equal measure. This song takes different elements from the extreme metal world and you’re still left wondering what it all means. Sure there are riffs waiting to be discovered.

This track does have a more drone based feel compared to their debut album. The whole atmosphere is genuinely absorbing and equally frustrating as well. As Nauseahtake change their sound throughout the entire EP. The instrumental work is superb with Nauseahtake creating music on their own terms.

Not everyone is going to enjoy this EP. As Nauseahtake are not your average Sludge/Doom Metal band. If you have the time and patience for a highly experimental Sludge/Doom Metal record then Nauseahtake will be music to your ears….

Savaris Iyr Qaddish is BAT-SHIT CRAZY, however Nauseahtake do create some highly intriguing sounds that will keep you awake late at night.

Words by Steve Howe