Thursday 26 April 2018

Ether Feather - Interstellar (Single Review and Song Premiere)

Release date: April 26th 2018. Label: Self Released. Format: DD


Dylan Ryan - Drums
Chris Welcome - Guitar
Tim Young - Guitar
Devin Hoff - Bass
Willie Blair - Bass


I’ll let the bio tell you the details behind this fantastic sounding Psychedelic Hard Rock/Stoner Rock Band by the name of Ether Feather.

Although they took their name from a Captain Beefheart lyric, Los Angeles trio Ether Feather seems to worship more at the alter of Black Sabbath, Budgie, and Rush. In many ways the band, with only one release to its name, actually began in 2011 when drummer/singer Dylan Ryan (Cursive, Fatal Jamz) started the band as an instrumental trio called Sand with future Ether Feather collaborators Devin Hoff (Cibo Matto, Julia Holter) and Tim Young (Reggie Watts, Wayne Horvitz)

After two Sand records Ryan set the moniker aside in favor of a new name that better reflected the new direction of the material he was writing, specifically psychedelic proto-metal. Ether Feather self-released an EP in 2017 called Other Memory and are sorting out plans for the 2018 release of their debut full length. March 12, 2018 sees the release of the new single, The Falconer.

The band’s new single Interstellar is a seriously heavy and groovy affair that sees the band declare their love for all things 70s Hard Rock/Heavy Metal with shades of Doom, Stoner Rock and Proto-Metal lurking in the background. Perhaps taking influence more from Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats with a hint of Black Sabbath. The dual vocals are simply sublime with the heavy doom based guitars playing in the background.

Ether Feather have been premiering songs all over the place with songs and videos premiering on sites such as Buzzlands L.A., Psychedelic Baby Magazine and New Noise Magazine amongst others.

I’ve included the links so you can find more about this great band.

Ether Feather have allowed me to premiere their excellent new single – Interstellar. The band are currently hard at work recording their new album which will be released later this year. Until then enjoy this slice of heavy proto-metal goodness.

Words by Steve Howe