Monday 9 July 2018

An Interview With SONANCE

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard from UK Noise/Sludge Metal Riffsters – SONANCE. Two years have passed since they released their last record – MIRROR AND VIE 2.

If you haven’t heard of this great band then there sound can be very hard to explain. A mixture of pitch-black Post-Rock, Ambient, Doom and Sludge Metal sounds only gives you a brief glimpse of what the band actually does.

I’ve been a fan of SONANCE for about 5 years now. And I’m always excited when the band release a new record. I haven’t heard from the band in a long time. About 3 years have passed since I last interviewed them. Well it’s time to change all that. As I’m now interviewing BJC (Guitars) and Will (Guitars/Vocals) from the band.

Let’s see what the guys have been upto recently….

Hi guys. How are things with you today.

Will - Not bad, looking forward to rehearsal tonight.

BJC - Hot and indecisive. Moretti or gin?

So how are things with Sonance. Been a while since we last spoken. Almost three years.

Will - Good, yeah, too long! We have a new drummer which is working out great.

BJC - It feels like when it did right back near the start; writing songs is fun again and I've been playing more guitar and contributing some ideas.

What have you guys been upto since then.

Will - We've been working on new material, I have moved back to Bristol, so it's much easier to rehearse. Prior to that we were going months without seeing each other, only keeping up with demos via Whatsapp and Dropbox. We've more or less finished the first half of a new album, the second half is on the way.

BJC - As a band we've been quiet, played a few shows since three years ago - Temples Fest was great, RIP. Chino just had a baby. The usual stuff.

I heard you’ve recruited a new drummer. Can you give any more details.

Will - We've known Dave and played with him in other projects for 15 years or so, he was an obvious choice for a new drummer, so much so that we nearly overlooked him!

BJC – Yes sir. Dave played in Mea Culpa (look us up, KKKK) with Will and I for years! Chino even joined for a few shows so we're all familiar. We toured the country and mainland Europe in Dave's Astra. Jamie had had enough I think, I'm still not sure on the actual reason for leaving the band but I think it was the musical style and he felt like it was a demand he wasn't prepared to meet. All fair, understood. We decided to crack on and get a new drummer...we kept the ideas going and had a few in mind.

What does Dave bring to Sonance overall sound.

Will - He's 6'5" so has a lot of leverage in his limbs to beat the kit with, he really punches through the wall of noise.

BJC - I can see it in his face when it goes heavy that he loves it, and that's the main thing for me.

Are you guys preparing for a new EP, album or tour of some kind. Can you give any details.

Will - Working on finishing our next album, we're taking our time to work. There's a lot to be said with this material so we want to make sure it's coherent. It'll be our longest album to date. Joe Garcia (Portishead, Om) is engineering for us and I'm mixing, as per all previous records.

BJC - We have circa 7-8 songs written, some of which have already been recorded. So yeah we are. I'm still trying to work out where we are as a band, how we sound, why it works. But it does and I like it.

Have you still been performing regularly. Or things been quiet on that score as well.

Will - We've played a handful of gigs over the past three years. 3/4 of us our fathers now, so we're focusing more on studio stuff rather than playing out or touring (for now).

BJC - We're just trying to get the record finished. At least for now anyway - we've played many shit gigs in many shit bands. Once this is done we'll probably do a show at the Cube, because it's the best venue in the UK.

One of your last records was the split album with Torpor. How was the overall reaction to the record. Were you pleased with the response that record received.

Will - It was hard for us to reach a compromise as band in making that album. I think ultimately we should have worked towards an album on our own at that point and worked on separate material for the split. I still felt it was good, but it could have had a stronger identity.

BJC - We rushed into it. It was my idea and I'm happy to take the brunt of any criticism. That being said, it sounds amazing and 'Under and Under' is still one of my favourite songs.

Looking back would you change anything about it.

Will - Probably taken a couple more months to write three or more other tracks.

BJC - I'd have not recorded 'Capes'. If I'm being entirely honest, not to do the split at all. Nothing against Torpor, but I think we quickly learned that we aren't a "split" kind of band. Take that as arrogant or take it as you will, I think it's just a fact.

Do you prefer releasing split records with other bands or your own albums.

Will - We've only done the one split, so hard to say.

BJC - Own. Like Ghosts and Blackflower are really important to me. This new one will follow suit, trust me.

If you could be part of any band regardless of genre. Which band would that be and the reasons why.

Will - I'm happy doing exactly this. Sonance is my main creative outlet and as a band we have maximum freedom to explore whatever we want.

BJC - MORTICIAN - to kill posers

Thanks for doing this interview. Before you go do you have any words of wisdom to say to your fans.

Will - Thanks for sticking with us! New stuff on the way.

BJC - Ted Bundy was innocent.

Words by Steve Howe and SONANCE