Wednesday 11 July 2018

LOGGERHEAD - Depths (Album Review)

Release date: June 18th 2018. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Depths – Tracklisting

1.Carcharodon 07:00
2.Spermaceti 04:07
3.Architeuthis 10:28
4.The Wretched Sea 10:05
5.Feeding Frenzy 04:53


Hayden Crawford - Guitars, Synths, Percussion, Vox, First Mate
Chris James - Bass, Percussion
Evan Sandy - Drums, Percussion
Caleb Elliot - Cello, Oarsman
Natalie Morrow - Ghost Vocals
Johnny Depth - Bellows and Caterwaulin'
JP White - Chaos Guitar
Adam Morrow - Purveyor of Chaos
Austin Motlow - Synths
Red Mouth - Ahab
Albert Rothstein - Harpooner
Jamie Sego - Oarsman


If there ever was an album that was so perfectly named then Loggerhead debut album – Depths – is probably that album. As this album is a Prog Rock/Metal odyssey combining Doom, Sludge, Stoner, Psych and Post-Whatever sounds. The album is a multi-layered sonic experience that takes influence from YOB, ISIS, Neurosis, Baroness and Mastodon but still having it’s own definitive sound.

Depths moves in so many different direction that I wouldn’t blame anyone feel lost in the many different progressive sounds found on the album. Look how many people were involved making this album and that gives you a brief glimpse on what to expect. Songs such as Carchardodon and Spermaceti set the mood with heavy Post-Doom rhythms and grizzled vocals from Hayden Crawford, who wrote this entire album and being involved with the production of the album.

Loggerhead have an experimental sensibility running throughout their album and that shows in the majority of the songs contained on the album. Loggerhead impress the most on the two 10 minute epic songs – Architeuthis and The Wretched Sea. As this is where the album adds an eerie and atmospheric post-rock feel. The band call their music “Nautical Stoner/Sludge Metal” and that is a very good description indeed.

The last time I heard an album similar to this was from Legend Of The Seagullmen. I know I will probably get criticised for this but I feel Loggerhead are the better band. As this doesn’t feel like a “supergroup/side-project” that Legend Of The Seagullmen does. Depths is an album that has an exciting narrative that draws you into their weird sounding and heavy nightmarish world.

Depths is a brilliantly entertaining progressive Sludge/Stoner Metal album that fans of ISIS and Neurosis cannot simply ignore. Loggerhead have released a FUCKING MONSTER with Depths and I want to hear more.

Words by Steve Howe