Monday 30 July 2018

Raum Kingdom - Everything & Nothing (Album Review)

Release date: June 01st 2018. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Everything & Nothing – Tracklisting

1.Summon 05:36
2.Dig 06:44
3.Winter (feat. Mia Govoni) 14:16
4.Walk With Reality 08:00
5.Rebuilding The Bridge 09:24
6.Hidden Pain 04:42
7.Struggle 10:53


Drums - Mark Gilchrist
Bass - Ronan Connor
Guitar - Andrew Colohan
Vocals - Dave Lee


Raum Kingdom new album – Everything & Nothing – is not your standard Post-Metal album. Sure the band have included the usual trademarked sounds that makes for a good Post-Metal album Throw in elements of Doom, Post-Rock, Sludge and a small dose of Screamo tendencies. What makes this such a riveting and highly intelligent album is Raum Kingdom’s level of darkness that they include on the album. The lyrics and vocals are quite bleak throughout and sometimes it can be quite easy to get lost along the way.

The heavy post-rock/post-metal guitars instantly draw you in before Raum Kingdom unleash an epic wave of post-gloom metal darkness on the excellent opening song – Summon. You can hear influences from bands such as Neurosis, AmenRa and Cult Of Luna but Raum Kingdom stand on their own merits. As their music has a sombre Ambient Post-Rock feel.

The album runs for an hour and the band never let up in creating heavy sludgy post-metal rhythms on nearly all of the songs held on the album. The production is masterfully handled and when the album changes to a darker progressive sound on songs such as Dig and Winter, you can feel influences from bands such as TOOL and Deftones. The dual male/female vocals (Mia Govoni makes a stunning guest appearance on this track) on Winter is perhaps the standout song on the album with the crushing bleak doom post-metal vibes allowing both Mia and the band create a psychedelic blend of alternative rock/metal sounds that you wouldn’t expect from an album such as this.

Raum Kingdom continue creating highly impressive Post-Metal sounds on songs such as: Walk With Reality, Rebuilding The Bridge and Struggle. The bleak and experimental nature of the album maybe too jarring for some people to fully appreciate. As Raum Kingdom cover a lot of different musical ground within the epic 60 minute plus runtime.

If you’re in the mood for a challenging and highly complex Post-Metal album then I recommend you check this album out. Everything & Nothing isn’t the most easiest album to listen to and it’s perhaps more suited for more experienced Post-Metal connoisseur.

Overall, Everything & Nothing is a stunning and well made album that could see Raum Kingdom make a name for themselves within the next few years. It may take another album for the band to truly reach their potential. Until then I recommend you listen to this album and embrace the dark bleak journey that lies within Everything & Nothing.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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