Sunday 10 March 2019

Palace In Thunderland - The King Of The Empty Aeon (Album Review)

Release date: February 22nd 2019. Label: Fuzz Doom Records/Cursed Tongue Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

The King Of The Empty Aeon – Tracklisting

1. The King Of The Empty Aeon
2. Float Away
3. Vicarious
4. What Is Human?
5. This Illusion's Come Alive
6. What Is Sanity?
7. Fragments
8. What Is Reality?
9. The Word Unspoken


Andy Beresky- guitar, vocals
Monte Newman - guitar, vocals
Adam Abrams - bass guitar, vocals
Matt Netto - drums, vocals


Strangely I have never heard of this amazing band before. Even more so since I really like founder Andy Beresky's other band, Black Pyramid, a lot. Couldn't have gotten a better introduction to them though with 'The King Of The Empty Aeon', the band's first output in four years. It’s wonderful amalgamation of different styles and thoughts where Palace In Thunderland deftly blend it all together while creating a beautiful head trip.

Opener and the title track, ‘The King Of The Empty Aeon’ comes with loads of vocal and guitar harmonies akin to Baroness with the heaviness of Mastodon. Brave, excellent beginning. ‘Float Away’ , has a kind of a 'Major Tom' feel to it in the slower parts mixed with wonderful nods to Baroness. Melodic and haunting it leads into ‘Vicarious’. Vocally kind of punkish but with fantastic guitar harmonizing, twists, turns and neck-breaking speed, all while the rhythm section slays…wonderful! The pace is brought down on the exciting ‘What is Human?’ allowing a very insightful side to the proceedings. This despite being instrumental but oftentimes the absence of words opens up one’s mind better and burrows deep into the psyche. ‘This Illusion’s Come Alive’ keeps a mid-tempo pace for the most part, even though certain segments are bone-crushing heavy. Loads of ebb and flow kind of like if Baroness and Mastodon had a child together and I love it!

What Is Sanity?’ brings a lot of build-up and anticipation and acts in a way as the perfect intro to the amazing ‘Fragments’. Big tips of the hat to both Baroness and Torche and it’s in-yer-face from the get-go. Hooks and harmonies to die for reels you in while Palace In Thunderland gives no respite whatsoever. I feel so elated after this one and can only beg for more. ‘What Is Reality?’ is very short but on point as it leads into ‘The Word Unspoken’. Almost a pop feel to it – no don’t fret, people – where melody, hooks and harmonizing allows the band to take wide turns. They paint a wonderful landscape and could care less what people think. And that’s how it should be.

So glad I was introduced to this magnificent band who are somewhat of a game-changer. What I mean is that lately more and more bands are breaking free from genre rules and sandboxing. Palace In Thunderland are certainly part of this movement and it’s such a joy and pleasure to hear a band like this. Fantastic musicianship amalgamated with a care-free approach doesn’t get much better. Now I have to back track and check out their past and I can’t wait!

Words by Håkan Nyman

Thanks to Leanne at Mettle Media PR and Niels at Cursed Tongue Records for the promo.

The King Of The Empty Aeon is available to buy on CD/DD/Cassette Tape now via Fuzz Doom Records

The Vinyl will be released in April 2019 via Cursed Tongue Records.


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