Wednesday 6 March 2019

SageNESS - Akmé (Album Review)

Release date: February 23rd 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

Akmé – Tracklisting

1.Andromeda 07:36
2.The Thought 08:58
3.Sizigia 04:19
4.Ephemeral 09:46
5.Mindbender 04:22
6.Hydro 06:30


Akmé is the second album from Psychedelic Instrumental Stoner Rockers - SageNESS. This album carries on the same themes and progressive sounds first heard on their debut album. Though the band play a heavier and more distinctive sound with a more experimental approach as well. SageNESS bridge the gap between Psychedelic Stoner Rock and Ambient Post Rock sounds superbly well.

The whole feel and flow of the album is quite loose and SageNESS have a ball playing the many different types of music held on the album. Akmé does have its fair share of jam-based moments which take time to fully get going. However the album truly comes alive when the heavier sounds appear especially on the excellent first song – Andromeda.

Andromeda is a cool sounding psychedelic trip with moments of finely played Cosmic Doom riffs that have a certain Weedpecker vibe to them. Add a deep meaningful Space Rock atmosphere and SageNESS do have actual talent in creating highly atmospheric songs that draw you instantly to their addictive riffs.

The production is quite subdued and laid-back at times but it’s handled superbly well from the start. With the band experimenting with their overall sound. Swirling ambient noises are added for a cool cosmic effect on the second song – The Though. The Post-Stoner Rock vibe slowly appears when it fully merges with the Ambient Post Rock sounding guitars.

Akmé is always constantly engaging and superbly entertaining from start to finish. You’ll be surprised at how heavy this album actually becomes as SageNESS do venture into the world of Doom/Stoner Metal on the later stages of the album. SageNESS offer a genuine and exciting alternative sound to the other Instrumental Stoner Rock Bands that are currently out there in the scene and Akmé proves that point with songs such as: Sizgia, Ephemeral and Hyrdo – being perhaps the best songs contained on the album.

Overall, Akmé is an excellent release from SageNESS. Let’s hope the band can build upon the momentum the first two albums have given them so far. As these guys definitely worth your time.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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