Saturday 30 March 2019

The Devil And The Almighty Blues - TRE (Album Review)

Release date: March 29th 2019. Label: Blues For The Red Sun / Stickman Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

TRE – Tracklisting

1.Salt The Earth 12:31
2.One For Sorrow 05:13
3.Lay Down 07:16
4.Heart Of The Mountain 08:25
5.No Man's Land 06:56
6.Time Ruins Everything 08:11


Arnt Andersen
Petter Svee
Kenneth Simonsen
Torgeir Waldemar Engen
Kim Skaug


TRE is the 3rd album from Norwegian Heavy Blues/Stoner Rockers – The Devil And The Almighty Blues and I will admit this is the first time I’ve ever listened to any music from this band. I was aware of them before hearing TRE but I never give the band a second thought and that’s a damn shame on my own part. As TRE is an excellent collection of Heavy Blues/Stoner Rock songs that acts as music for the soul.

The Devil And The Almighty Blues are one of most soulful bands I’ve heard in a long time whilst still creating heavy Blues Rock based riffs. TRE is an album that’s never afraid to lay it’s soul on the line for everyone to hear and experience. Take the opening song SALT THE EARTH as an example. This song does take time to fully get going but the lyrics and vocals have a deep meaningful existence to them and ones which are heavily inspired by 60s and 70s Classic Sounding Hard Rock.

The lead vocals feel inspired by The Who’s legendary vocalist Roger Daltery and that speaks volume to me personally as he’s one of my all time favourite vocalists. The Devil & The Almighty Blues perfectly capture the feel and essence of the 60s/70s Classic Hard Rock/Blues Rock scene whilst adding a trippy Psychedelic/Stoner Rock vibe.

The band are also not afraid to add strands of Progressive Rock into the mix especially on songs such as Salt The Earth, Lay Down, Heart Of The Mountain and my favourite song Time Ruins Everything.

TRE is perhaps not the most easiest album to listen compared to their previous two albums. This be the first album that I’ve listened to from the band but I did my research and listened to their other albums before writing this review. The other albums actually maybe more easier and more welcoming to listen to. However TRE is the better album. As the band have tried to do something different with their music and succeeded on all levels personally speaking.

The production is immense and only adds to the overall sound and experience of the album. TRE is a must have album and proves why The Devil And The Almighty Blues are one of the best Blues/Hard Rock bands currently around within the Hard Rock scene.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Claire at Purple Sage PR for the promo. TRE is available to buy now on CD/DD/Vinyl via Blues For The Red Sun / Stickman Records