Saturday 5 June 2021

Svarga - Under The Black Spell (Album Review)

Release Date: May 30th 2021. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Under The Black Spell - Tracklisting

1. Priests Of Bloodlands 04:50
2. Under The Black Spell 05:31

3.Dying Witch 04:18

4.Death of Tribal Lord 07:45

5.Dopeflute 00:41

6.Wizard's Thunder 05:27

7.Wizard of Doom 04:43


Under The Black Spell is the debut album from Serbian Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metallers Svarga who employ a lo-fi and almost “DIY PUNK” aesthetic to this album. The album is quite ugly in places but they play some epic “SABBATH” inspired Doom sounds with an almost distorted “NOLA” energy to it all. The album runs for 32 minutes across seven tracks which allows the band to play their own blend of devilish FUZZ ROCK/METAL.

Opening song -  Priest Of Bloodlands - is a Doom/Sludge song with a nightmarish feel to it with the heavy guitars being played in a simple “Drone” manner. There isn’t much variety on this song but Svarga brings a heavy thunderous “HIGH ON FIRE” presence which sets up the bleak tone of the album.

Second song - Under The Black Spell - is where Svarga truly show their worth with a great blend of heavy monolithic and almost chainsaw like rhythms with a brooding Doom/Stoner Metal manic energy slowly working its way to the front of the party. The song is superbly fast-paced but still allowing the band the time to think of their next move. The sludgy guitars is the best part of the song with a lot of Psychedelic Doom sounds drifting in and out of the song. 

Svarga bring on the DOOM on the rest of th album with songs such as Dying Witch, Death Of Tribal Lord and Wizard’s Thunder being the real highlights of the album with fantastic bleak and seedy Doom Metal riffs allowing Svarga the opportunity to bring a more fantastical element to their music.

If you’re a fan of CONAN, High On Fire and Black Sabbath then Svarga should be of interest to you. I should point out this album is purely instrumental and you can focus on the great music and many superb ideas the band have brought for their debut release. Sure, the production isn’t the best but the downright heaviness of the music more than makes up for that.

Under The Black Spell did the trick for me with Svarga. This is a captivating and superbly entertaining album.

Words by Steve Howe


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