Monday 17 June 2024

Psych Stoner Rockers ANANDA MIDA Premiere New Song/Video THE MEDICINE MAN IS LOOKING FOR A CURE From Upcoming New Album - LIVE AT DUNA JAM

Ananda Mida is a stoner and psychedelic rock music collective led by Max Ear (OJM’s drummer and Go Down Records’ Art Director) and Matteo Pablo Scolaro. From the very beginning of the project, graphic imagery has been given a crucial role thanks to the precious collaboration with the visual artist Eeviac. Since 2015, they have been performing with different lineups, from three to six members, either instrumental or featuring singers.

Their sound is inspired by seventies rock, mixed with desert and psychedelic grooves.

In 2015, they debuted with the double A-sided 7-inch Aktavas/Passavas, which gave rise to the band’s mythology, elaborated from some fragments of enigmatic teachings. In Fall 2016 they released their first full-length, co-produced by Go Down Records and Vincebus Eruptum Recordings. Anodnatius is its name and it reminds us of all the positive forces and slight vibrations settled inside and outside everything and everyone. In January 2019, the second chapter Cathodnatius was published, depicting all the opposing forces and obscure vibes we live in today.

This record featured Conny Ochs on vocals, and dropped via Go Down and Vincebus Eruptum on vinyl, CD, and digital. In June 2021, the band put out the live EP called Karnak on a deluxe picture-back disc, featuring a special appearance by Desert Rock icon Mario Lalli on guitar. November 2023 has seen the release of their third work Reconciler, which has “mythologically” completed the trilogy. The album evokes the resolution of the contrast between those opposing forces, sung in the previous chapters. As the title states, it’s a hymn to reconciliation and drops via Go Down Records on double LP, double CD, and digital.

Next release is scheduled for July 2024, out for the mighty Heavy Psych Sounds Records, by publishing their live exhibition at last Duna Jam.

Ananda Mida performed throughout Europe, supporting bands like BRMC, Black Mountain, Colour Haze, Fatso Jetson, Yawning Man, The Atomic Bitchwax, Nebula, and White Hills.

We're excited to premeire the new song The Medicine Man Is Looking For A New Cure thanks to the cool folks over at Purple Sage PR and Heavy Psych Sounds.

The band say this about the upcoming new album:

"On Tuesday, June 20, 2023, we had the pleasure of playing a live concert for the audience of Duna Jam while the sun was setting on the beach and heat waves and sandstorms were rising from the Sahara in the west. It was an unforgettable concert for us, which had a profound emotional impact, as the situation and the atmosphere "crystallized" in their own space-time, so to speak. Thank you"

Band links: Bandcamp - Facebook - Instagram

Thanks to Purple Sage PR for all of the info.

Absynth - Bicolor Tantra (Album Review)

Release Date: June 14th 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Bicolor Tantra: Tracklisting

1.Unwind The Wheel 10:38

2.A Gate Full Of Colors 05:23

3.Cosmik Crash 03:01

4.Cycle Of Non-Existence 09:56

5.Stargaze 04:40


Psych/Doom/Stoner Metal Riffsters Absynth return with their second album Bicolor Tantra and it’s a trip into the Cosmic/Spaced Out side of the WEEDIAN spectrum. The band adds elements of Trippy Sound Effects, Feedback Loops, Distorted Rhythms and moments of Heavy Sonic Textures. The album runs for around thirty two minutes with Absynth playing a multitude of different levels of Sludgy heaviness with the Harsh vocals being quite dominant in the more aggressive parts of the record.

Absynth experiment with heavy areas of amplifier based feedback which can add a subversive Noise effect especially within the more outlandish distorted sounds the band merge with the swirling Doom/Stoner grooves moving between SABBATHIAN based guitars and UFOMAMMAUT inspired COSMIC based storytelling throughout the album.

The standout tracks are Unwind The Wheel, A Gate Full Of Colors and Cycle Of Non-Existence (which features stunning vocals from guest vocalist Michelle Nocon from bands such Death Penalty, Of Blood And Mercury and Serpentcult) where Absynth really come into their own creative existence by playing some classic sounding STONER parts that move into bleak sounding Desert Rock, Punk and Metallic grooves. The SONIC and COSMIC flow is given a harsh FEEDBACK makeover but allows Absynth to add even more trippy based sound effects that allows the album to transform into something highly original and wholly unexpected.

The record does end on a low-key finish with the final track Stargaze which sees Absynth play with a Post-Rock flourish and it’s quite a fitting and highly rewarding end from what came before it. With lush soundscapes slowly disappearing and leaving you wanting to hear more from this hugely talented group.

Bicolor Tantra is built upon solid foundations with excellent production values that allows Absynth to develop their own harsh and abrasive style of Doom/Sludge Metal that should go down a storm with the Doom/Stoner Metal community.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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Sunday 16 June 2024

Instrumental Sludge/Stoner Metallers WALL Announce New Album BRICK BY BRICK

WALL - An instrumental 2-piece heavy fucking riff machine, built brick by brick & riff by riff by twin brothers and Desert Storm members Ryan & Elliot Cole.

Released on 30th August via APF Records (Desert Storm, Video Nasties, Barbarian Hermit), their debut album ‘Brick by Brick’ is overflowing with unashamed Iommi-worshipping, instrumental, sludge/doom metal. With the band taking inspiration from the first 6 Black Sabbath albums as well as being influenced by the undisputed kings of instrumental stoner rock - the much missed Karma To Burn, drummer Elliot Cole comments on some of the other artists they were listening to at the time while writing the album,

“Torche, High on Fire, Elephant Tree, and The Sword were on heavy rotation a lot. I also was listening to a fair bit of Power Trip at the time too. But as well as the rock/metal stuff, we were listening to Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Radiohead which helped in a way with some of the more spacey & ambient sections on the album”

Like many recent projects WALL was born during lockdown with the two brothers living together in a small flat. With both of them furloughed, this left the duo with little else to do but write music to distract themselves from the boredom of being stuck at home.

Ryan wrote riffs on an unplugged Gibson SG, whilst Elliot tapped out the drum rhythms on his lap. The first time the twins heard how the songs would sound properly was when they were in the studio tracking their initial first two EPs, as they couldn't arrange a proper rehearsal due to restrictions.

While originally starting out as a side project, WALL began to evolve into a more serious proposition following shows at Bloodstock Open Air, Desertfest London, Masters of the Riff alongside shows with Discharge, Will Haven and European dates in Germany, Czech Rep & Slovakia.
Now following these shows and 2 Eps on APF Records, the next step for WALL is the release of their debut album 'Brick By Brick'. Recorded at Shonk studios / Warehouse Studios - Oxford, by Jimmy 'Evil' Hetherington & mastered by Tim Turan @ Turan Audio, ‘Brick By Brick’ is essential listening for any fan of slow, crushing riffs.

'Masking My Contempt’ is the 1st single to be shared from the album wth Elliot adding,

"We are really excited to release the debut album 'Brick by Brick' & 'Masking my contempt' is the first new piece of music in about 2 years (since the Wall vol.2 EP) The song 'Masking My Contempt' starts with a sample from an amusing scene, that is taken from a film we like called American Beauty. The scene is where Lester Burnham blackmails his boss for over a years salary. We have said for years that it would make a cool intro to a song, and to kick in with a big groovy riff after it. The title of the song is clearly taken from the sample, and the rest of the track was built around that first riff. 'Masking my Contempt' switches between a 6/8 and 4/4 time signature. There are only 3 riffs in the whole song, and some bluesy slide guitar's short and sweet and what we set out to achieve with this first single.”

Listen to the track now: 

‘Brick by Brick’ is available on CD and digitally the album can be pre-ordered now:

‘it’s clear that Wall are really fucking good’ – The Sleeping Shaman

‘a thunderous assault of pure doomy chugginess’ – Uber Rock

‘a guaranteed foot-stomper throughout thanks to its ballsy riffs and relentless rhythm’ – Distorted Sound

F.F.O - Black Sabbath, Karma To Burn, High on Fire, Desert Storm


1 – Wrath of the Serpent
2 – Sonic Mass
3 – Obsidian
4 – Legion
5 – Nineteen (Karma to Burn cover)
6 – Avalanche
7 – Masking My Contempt
8 – The Tusk
9 – Speedfreak
10 – Falling from the Edge of Nowhere
11 – Cirrhosis
12 – Filthy Doner Kebab on a Gut Full of Lager
13 – Electric Funeral (Black Sabbath cover)

Upcoming Shows

08.09.24 | UK | London | New Cross Inn

WALL are:

Ryan Cole - guitar
Elliot Cole - drums

Follow online:

Thanks to For The Lost for all of the details.

Hebi Katana - Doom N' Bloom 2024 (Album Review)

Release Date: May 28th 2024. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Doom N' Bloom 2024: Tracklisting

1.Intro - Debtor 05:08

2.Pain Should I Take 05:45

3.Struggle with a Lie 05:29

4.No Sorrow 04:46

5.Drum Solo - The Hole 07:04

6.Darkest Priest 05:00

7.Hallelujah Anyway 05:21

8.Intro - Direction for Human Hearts 06:08

9.Darkest Priest 04:58

10.Drum Solo - The Hole 05:42

11.Pennsylvania Blood 04:23

12.Zephyrphobia 01:34

13.Struggle with a Lie 04:09

14.Pain Should I Take 05:21


Nobu: Guitars, Vocals

Laven: Bass, Vocals

Goblin: Drums


Doom N' Bloom 2024 is the first live album from self proclaimed SAMURAI DOOM ROCKERS - Hebi Katana - and it’s made up of two concerts the band performed earlier this year which is explained below:

Side A (Track 1 - 7)

Live at Sengoku-Daitoryo 戦国大統領 Osaka, Japan

April 13 2024

Side B (Track 8 - 14)

Live at Niman-Denatsu 20,000V 二万電圧 Tokyo, Japan

April 12 2024

The concerts were in support of their 2023 acclaimed album “III” and features tracks from that album and tracks from their other great releases. The album is not the best sounding LIVE recording and the volume is perhaps a bit too LOW at times but this record still shows what a great LIVE act that Hebit Katana are becoming within their home country of Japan. 

I’m a huge fan of their music and love their Proto-Doom style of Stoner Metal which has elements of Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal and other fine amounts of 1980’s Hard Rock that gives Hebi Katana’s music a more EXCESSIVE feel compared to other Doom/Stoner Metal bands from the Japanese scene.

Despite the rough production values, you instantly become part of the actual audience with the band's collection of great songs that are delivered with gritty determination especially in the extended instrumental solos that become quite THRASH based within the first half of the album.

Some tracks do appear twice within the album which is understandable being from different set-lists but feel quite different at times and that’s down to the appreciative reactions from the audience especially with Struggle With A Lie and Darkest Priest. 

Hebi Katana are becoming a force to be reckoned with within the Doom/Stoner Metal scene and they’re only going to become bigger and better with future releases. They’re about to embark on a short European Tour visiting France/Italy in July 2024. If you want to see what all the fuss is about with Hebi Katana and you want to hear a superbly entertaining LIVE album which pays respect to the LIVE BOOTLEG albums from the good old days then Doom N’ Bloom 2024 fits that bill perfectly.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


Official | Facebook | BandCamp | Instagram

Outlander - Acts Of Harm (Album Review)

Release Date: June 28th 2024. Record Label: Church Road Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Acts Of Harm: Tracklisting


2.Want No More 07:50

3.II: Nuclear

4.Orbit 03:44

5.New Motive Power

6.Lye Waste

7.II: Habituation


Daniel Jones - Bass

Ian Grant - Guitar/Vocals

Joseph House- Guitar

Jack House - Drums


Birmingham, UK, Alternative/Shoegaze/Post-Doom/Post-Rock collective Outlander release their second album with Acts Of Harm that continues their therapeutic style of Shoegaze based sounds that appeared on their 2019 debut album The Valium Machine. This record should appeal to fans of HUM, Cloakroom and True Widow with the band drawing upon heavier Post-Doom elements and sludgy textures within the more aggressive and highly melodic aspects of the record.

The opening track Bound is an epic slice of Instrumental Post-Rock filled with Psychedelic sounds and Ambient themes which bring a heavy Post-Doom atmosphere which lays down the gloomy narrative of the record whilst still offering brief moments of uplifting sounds which airs on the right side of cautious bleak sensibility. 

The real magic starts to appear within the excellent second track of Want No More. Acts Of Harm is intentionally and deliberately slow paced which allows Outlander to add a respective and emotional creative energy within their lyrics and lead vocalist Ian Grant’s delicately sung vocals which bring an air of genuine warmth and real humanity within the lyrics written for this track which helps the music transform into more subtle Post-Sludge surrounding with the heavier and muscular guitars slowly to dominate the musical landscape. 

Third track II: Nuclear is a sullen Post-Rock/Post-Metal instrumental track that plays under two minutes with Outlander playing heavy Psychedelic landscapes with their highly melodic style of Doomgaze being quite distant at times. The song does feel longer especially within the quieter moments that appear towards the end of the song.

Fourth song Orbit has an eerie Cloakroom and True Widow vibe within it’s bleak depiction of Post-Rock, Doomgaze and Psych Rock which once again becomes quite distorted within the fractured musical pieces that appear in the Droned Out sounds that Outlander incorporates into the song. Orbit slowly becomes an uplifting and blissful sounding track which is in direct contrast to the next part of the album.

Fifth track New Motive Power was originally released back in 2022 on a separate release but it has a more prominent and important energy when included within this album. The song is perhaps some of the heaviest material that Outlander have delivered to date with the sound moving into full on Drone Metal territory with its thrilling mix of different styles of music that become ever so thrilling when the gloomier elements fully take control on the second half of the track.

The final two tracks Lye Waste and II: Habituation allows Outlander to further delve into the heavier parts of their musical and creative psyche with emotionally charged and socially aware lyrics once again delivered with great delivery by Ian Grant’s immense vocal presence. The music is a mixture of Drone, Ambient Rock, Post-Rock, Doomgaze and a subtle Sludgier vibe when Outlander venture into the HEAVIER side of their music which makes the epic track Lye Waste perhaps the standout track on the whole record.

Outlander are a great band with a truly cinematic approach to their music and this allows Acts Of Harm to be one of the essential records to own right now. Acts Of Harm is a beautiful sounding record with sublime production values that allows Outlander to deliver one of the most deeply engaging and brilliantly entertaining Doomgaze records I’ve heard in quite some time. 

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Church Road Records for the promo.

Acts Of Harm will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Church Road Records from Friday June 28th 2024.


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Saturday 15 June 2024

US Heavy Rockers SPIRIT MOTHER to release sophomore album "Trails" on Heavy Psych Sounds this fall; stream debut single "Wolves" now!

US heavy rockers SPIRIT MOTHER have signed to Heavy Psych Sounds Records for the release of their sophomore album "Trails" this September 13th, and unveil a compelling first track with "Wolves".

Spirit Mother’s forthcoming album “Trails” brings the energy of the band’s visceral, all-in live performances while expanding on the sensibilities of their debut album “Cadets”. It is the undeniable next chapter in the band’s creative process. The darker tonality, heavier, fuzz-fueled riffs, and relentless rhythm section accompany prolific structures and arrangement. The violin summons a brooding, atmospheric pedestal for the remaining power trio to wield with fervor. Lance’s haunting vocals and stark lyricism intersperse the instrumentals with a melody as dynamic as it is accessible. It is the culmination of road-worn years in pursuit of the art, and the moment-to-moment adrenaline of studio exploration.

Listen to Spirit Mother's new single "Wolves" below

About "Wolves", bassist and vocalist Armand Lance says: “Lyrically, Wolves is a questioning. An interrogation of the world around us, and our concept of face value. Our daily pill. What does it take to free your mind from influence? To form a truly original thought or perspective? Would you even know it if you did? Sonically, Wolves paints the full picture of Spirit Mother - so it only makes sense as the first single off “Trails”. All our songs are first written as folk songs on acoustic guitar - focusing on the lyrics, the chords, and the song structure. It’s our foundation and it gives us the direction before the fuzz hits.”

Out September 13th on Heavy Psych Sounds - Bandcamp preorder - Shop preorder


1. Passage
2. Trails
3. Veins
4. Emerald
5. Below
6. Tonic
7. Vessel
8. Voyeur
9. Given
10. Wolves

Spirit Mother is a heavy rock band with their sound anthologized through a folk-informed and classical lens: their dynamic and imposing wall of sound, coupled with a driving backbeat, grips through atmospheric strings and haunting vocals. Initially from Long Beach, CA, the band relocated across the United States, now residing in Buffalo, Los Angeles and the high desert of Eastern Oregon. Formed by vocalist and bassist Armand Lance and violinist SJ, their line-up has since solidified with the addition of guitarist Sean McCormick and drummer Landon Cisneros, providing a striking sound described by The Obelisk as lush and ranging, a “languid grunge blasted into outer space in the desert night”.

Lead singer and songwriter Armand Lance creates the bones of the music in the attic of his rural ranch between cattle working and mustang wrangling — a likeness to his father’s upbringing as an Ecuadorian cowboy. The group convenes at this cabin to write and develop their repertoire before hitting the road nationally and abroad. Spirit Mother received critical praise for their first album "Cadets": “a distinct chance we’ll look back on this as an early gem from a band going places” hailed The Sleeping Shaman.

In 2020, Spirit Mother was tapped for a pandemic project to create a live record/concert film in the style of Pink Floyd’s "Live at Pompeii". Released through Giant Rock Records and Heavy Psych Sounds Records, "Live In The Mojave Desert Vol.3" was well received by fans and critics alike. "If you didn’t know who Spirit Mother was before seeing this show, there’s no way anyone is forgetting them anytime soon. Brilliant," stated US website

In 2023, the band released their latest single “Locust//Dead Cells” and embarked on their debut European tour with summer festival appearances at Metal Days, PALP and Sonic Blast, followed by an extensive US Tour in the fall. Spirit Mother recently signed to Heavy Psych Sounds Records while in the studio for their sophomore album “Trails”, which September 2024 release will be supported by another coast-to-coast US tour and stops at Desertfest NYC and Levitation Fest in Austin, TX.


Armand Lance - Bass, vocals
SJ - Violin, vocals
Landon Cisneros - Drums
Sean McCormick - Guitar


Website ⎪ Facebook ⎪ Bandcamp  |  Instagram  |  Spotify


Website ⎜ Facebook ⎜ Bandcamp ⎜ Instagram ⎜ Youtube

Thanks to Purple Sage PR for all of the details.

Psych/Grunge/Stoner Rockers GHOST FROG To Release New Song SHADOW CLUB On August 9th 2024 From Upcoming New Album

We’ve just received signals beamed to us from far beyond the solar system, indicating that the galaxy’s foremost paranormal psych grunge stoner gaze project Ghost Frog will soon be reemerging from their home planet of Portland, Oregon. They will once again bestow upon the people of Earth another extraterrestrial entry into their cosmological catalogue: their forthcoming fourth full length album entitled “Galactic Mini Golf,” available for pre-order on their Bandcamp on both vinyl and digital beginning August 9th.

They've also included in their transmission the first single from the project called “Shadow Club,” an explosive recording that exposes the evil elite’s alien agenda, and which they’re threatening to leak to the public on the same day.

Lead singer of the band, Quinn Schwartz, had this to say:

Like a lot of people I got really into conspiracy theories while I was cooped up at home for months on end, trying to figure out what the heck was going on in the world throughout the pandemic pandemonium of the past few years.

This song and the new album that it’s off of were written during this hyper paranoid period, where I found myself pondering more and more whether nefarious shadowy forces actually were pulling the strings on global events behind closed doors, and intentionally directing us down a path toward the dark, dystopian future we seem to be increasingly inhabiting. But that’s all just a bunch of crazy tinfoil hat stuff, right!? Right."

About The Track

"Musically it is very inspired by 90’s alternative rock. We kept joking that it sounded like Pearl Jam while we were recording it, and I was also just starting to get really into Stone Temple Pilots at the time that we wrote it. Lyrically it’s meant to be an anthem of sorts for distrustful dissidents, with some golfing references thrown in for good measure since that seems to be the preferred pastime of the proverbial 'Shadow Club' that the song title refers to (hence the theme of the album).

There was a period in the 90’s, around the same time that Nirvana ruled the airwaves, that mainstream pop culture in America was also simultaneously fascinated by conspiracy culture through phenomena like The X Files, and so I suppose that with this record we've attempted to combine those two aspects of what was arguably the coolest decade because, well, I guess we just want to make butt rock and conspiracies cool again! And also as a friendly reminder to the world that: 'just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean they’re not after you!' So wake up sheeple! You're going to be late for your tee time..."

Photo by Joel Gaddis

Ghost Frog is:

Quinn Schwartz – Rhythm guitar, Vocals
Karl Beheim – Lead guitar, Synth
Archie Heald – Bass
Vincent LiRocchi – Drums


Thanks to Good Boy PR for all of the info.