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Sun King Ba - Goliath Worm (EP Review)


Release Date: October 06th 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Goliath Worm - Tracklisting

1.Goliath Worm

2.Grub Acolyte



Anthony Santoro - Guitars

Jeff Perlman - Bass

Calvin Schaller - Drums


Goliath Worm is the new EP from Sludge/Stoner Metallers Sun King Ba who impressed greatly last year on their debut EP Writhing Mass. This EP sees the band continuing their Progressive based journey which should appeal to bands such as Mastodon, Shrinebuilder, Restless Spirit and Summoner. Sun King Ba play with a more thunderous vision on this EP with a heavy metallic gloomy sound which allows the band to add different levels of Progressive heaviness especially on the stunning opening track Goliath Worm.

Goliath Worm sees the band taking creative cues from Baroness (Blue Record era) and with that intense Mastodon progressive swagger for a song that allows Sun King Ba to play different levels of Psychedelic heaviness. The song is quite melodic with Anthony’s vibrant and thick guitar sound that brings more focus to Calvin’s sublime drumming. Jeff’s bass has a dominant presence which holds everything together. 

With this being a full instrumental EP, Sun King Ba play some damn fine original ideas of their own which you can hear within the excellent second track Grub Acolyte. This time round Sun King Ba weaves Post-Rock aesthetics with a more forceful DOOM & GLOOM sound before playing a stripped back style of Post-Stoner grooves that adds a catchy element to the EP. The sludgy backdrop is never too far behind with Sun King Ba being quite content with the world-building qualities that the song ultimately contains.

Third song Larvicide is the heaviest and sludgiest track on the EP with Sun King Ba bringing some technical riff wizardry along the way. There’s a cool sideline of Noise Rock aggression which works surprisingly well with the instrumental sounds the band lay down here. The track ends on the EP on a mighty fine and satisfying conclusion.

Just like their debut EP, the legendary Steve Albini has engineered this release with Greg Obis on mastering duties. So that adds another layer of unexpected heaviness to the EP and allows Sun King Ba to be considered one of the best upcoming Instrumental Sludge/Stoner Metal bands within the underground scene and I can’t wait to hear what they’ll unleash on a more substantial release with perhaps their debut full length album that I’m eagerly awaiting to here.

However, Goliath Worm is a gigantic sounding release that will only see Sun King Ba’s reputation rise to greater heights within the Sludge/Stoner Metal community.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Sun King Ba for the promo.

Goliath Worm will be available to buy digitally from October 06th 2023.


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An Interview With Doom/Sludge Metallers THE MOTH

Sludge/Doom Metallers The Moth first came to my attention back in 2012 when I reviewed their debut album They Fall back when I was The Sludgelord. The Moth impressed me with their brutal Sludge/Doom Metal grooves with an honest "Pop" outlook that reminded me of heavy hitters such as TORCHE and FLOOR.

Fast forward to 2023 and The Moth have just released their fourth album FROST which is perhaps their best album to date. The Moth have become well established within the Doom/Sludge Metal underground scene thanks to acclaimed albums and countless gigs and tours across Europe.

I caught up with the band to discuss the making of the new album which you can read below.

Hi there. Thanks for doing the interview. How are things with you all today.

Everything is good so far, we are preparing for a little run of shows we are playing with our buddies from Thronehammer at the beginning of October.

For people not in the know, you can provide a brief history of how the band came together and where it is today.

Cécile and Freden have been making music together for almost 25 years and founded The Moth in 2012 after our previous band broke up. We started writing songs and looking for a drummer and then had the live premiere at the end of 2012. Since then, four albums have been created and we have played countless festivals and shows across Europe and especially Great Britain, including with Conan, Belzebong, Conjurer and Witchsorrow.

How would you describe your music in your own words.

The style is rough and heavy, but still quite catchy. It's always important for us to start with really good riffs and build a song around that. Comparisons are always difficult, but  what others say about our music is, for example, “Pop music played with a bulldozer” or “Slayer-Doom”....but that always depends on which song you are currently listening to. there's not a simple box for us, which is exciting, but sometimes it's harder to reach people because there's no concrete label.

We're here to talk about your new album FROST. What can people expect from the album.

Of course a real The Moth album, with a heavy sound, groove and the alternating vocals of Freden and Cécile. We really exploited our coarse and violent side on the last album, the brutality has definitely remained, but the Frost album is a bit more emotional and catchy. We have currently dared to call the style Doom-Sludge-Pop.

The record is perhaps one of your bleakest records but also one of your most uplifting especially towards the later stages of the album. Was that what you wanted to achieve with this album.

Before writing an album we never think of what we want to convey with it. We just go ahead and write and eventually we realize that there actually is a recurrent theme. On this album it was facing and dealing with hardships. And yes exactly Steve: Though it is about pain a lot it also wants to point out, that you are stronger than that and that some day things will change for the better and you will be happy again. 

What inspired you to call the album FROST.

Freden had read the diary of Robert Falcon Scott, the South Pole explorer, and was very impressed by it and the shocking experience and end in the ice of these people that is described there, the failure, the suffering and the hope that is lost or remains. Themes that appear again and again in the lyrics of the songs in direct or subtle ways. And Cécile thinks that if you are going through grief or other emotionally tough times, this feels like having to walk through a desert of ice, until that period of frost is finally over.

Was this an easy or hard album to record and write for compared to your previous album. As I know the band went through some pretty turbulent times before and during COVID.

In our opinion, it wasn't mainly COVID that made the process of creating the album difficult, but rather that our living conditions have changed a lot due to work and family. But one point is that in some areas of life it was a challenge to resume the rhythm and pace that was interrupted by COVID as a matter of course, and certain structures also suffered, such as the events industry, you always notice that still.

Did those daily struggles, challenges and uplifting moments in life shape up the creative outline for the album.

Of course, this was incorporated into the songs as a mood and statements, but because the process dragged on, the songs were able to mature better - if you want to look at it positively

How does FROST differ compared to your previous records.

Well, it doesn't really differ, as it is a typical THE MOTH album: exciting and heterogeneous with different vibes from song to song: from Punk over noise rock to sludge. But overall it's more melodic again, similar to our debut album THEY FALL.

I still find it hard to believe that FROST was recorded live in only 24 hours. WOW. It doesn't feel or sound like that. As I think this is your best produced effort yet. Was that the plan to record the album LIVE and release that version.

We have always recorded the albums live, except for the vocals, because rawness and directness are very important to us and that's just how The Moth works. Of course that can go wrong, but then you just have to start the session again.

You've signed to Exile On Mainstream for FROST. How did that come about as you had a great run with This Charming Man Records.

We were very happy with This Charming Man and are very grateful to Chris and the people he works with, for example Daniel Czieschke. We have known Andreas Kohl for a long time and think that he is really moving the scene forward. Also, we have repeatedly toured with bands from his label who have become friends. So were were already in Andrea's orbit, so to speak and it felt right for us to release FROST there.

What formats is the album being released upon.

We have vinyl and a CD comes with the LP. Otherwise, of course, also online in digital format for example on

What is the creative process or setup within the band? Do you write the music together or do certain people within the band do that

The band was founded by Cécile and Freden and we had already completed the debut album when Tiffy joined us on drums. We both write the riffs and the lyrics, but  Curry, who has been drumming with us since 2015, is now fully involved in how we arrange the songs. Let's see if he comes up with song lyrics at some point.

Will you be promoting the new album with upcoming gigs. If so, where can people see you live.

Sure, but only in Germany for now: we're on the road in October and November.

Of course we hope to be able to play a lot of good concerts and festivals, and a tour through Great Britain would be awesome, tours there have always been very special in the past.

What is the live THE MOTH experience like.

Watching us live is the best thing you can do if you're into music. Listening to an LP and drinking a glass of Médoc is also nice, but the raw power... you will definitely feel it better at one of our concerts, and what's more - as we say in Germany - you eat with your eyes.

What bands or artists influenced you to pick up an instrument and to become a musician.

Freden: I think I'm in good company if I can honestly say ACDC and Metallica. Even if you probably won't hear it anymore. 

Cécile: My first musical love were The Beatles when I was ten year old – awesome songs and the band went through such an impressive musical evolution! As an adolescent I realized how powerful and important the bass can be when I discovered Rage against the Machine through my brother Erik. I loved the deep tones and my fingers loved the thick strings, so it was settled.

You're from Hamburg, Germany. What is the local live scene there. Do you have a live scene to perform gigs on a regular basis or do you have to travel further afield.

There are many cool bands like MOOR or SHAKHTYOR and also locations for concerts. Unfortunately, some good clubs have and will disappear, but hopefully some new ones re-emerge.

How do you all relax away from music. Do you have a favorite hobby that folks don't know about.

Cécile does Kung Fu, Curry steels his muscles “eating iron” and Freden is happy when he can sit somewhere in peace and drink coffee.

Do any of you have any side projects that folks can check out.

Freden has reunited his old doom punk band Sissies, there are also few concerts coming up and an album will be released in the near future.

Before you go, do you have any words of wisdom for your fans currently out there.

We are not a very nerdy band equipment-wise. We stick to the stuff we have. As Freden once said: “Get the best shit out of the shit you got.”

Words by Steve Howe and The Moth

Thanks to The Moth for doing this interview.

Frost will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Exile On Mainstream Records from September 22nd 2023


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OLD GOAT SMOKE - Demo (EP Review)

Release Date: September 26th 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

OLD GOAT SMOKE - Tracklisting

1.Old Goat Smoke 05:31

2.Return to Dirt 06:19

3.The Great Hate 08:37


OLD GOAT SMOKE is a Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal band from Australia comprising of seasoned musicians from the Sydney underground scene. Their debut release DEMO is a raw-sounding and unflinching style of filthy down-tuned grooves that feels inspired by bands such as Church Of Misery, BONGZILLA, WEEDEATER and Electric Wizard. OLD GOAT SMOKE have a slight pissed off and nihilistic quality within their music that shines mostly through their vicious vocals and sludgy growls. However, the music is packed full of intricate grooves and a sublime seedy Psychedelic tone.

The three tracks on offer showcase OLD GOAT SMOKE playing to their strengths with a deeply atmospheric blend of WEEDIAN down-tuned power on the excellent opening track of Old Goat Smoke. The mood does become more despairing and bleak in tone across the whole EP with OLD GOAT SMOKE becoming more confident with their unsettled creative vision with the outstanding second track of Return To Dirt.

Return To Dirt is a sludge fuelled nightmarish sound with copious amounts of trippy Doom/Stoner Metal where the band excel playing that classic sounding DOWN-TUNED groove with the vocals moving between Harsh Growls and almost Death based vocals that have a sense of despairing torture behind them. The music is what holds the attention with OLD GOAT SMOKE playing a subtle slow-to-mid pace which is perhaps the right direction for the whole EP to take.

The final song The Great Hate is where OLD GOAT SMOKE opt for a slightly “LESS IS MORE” approach with the sludgy bass growls and hardcore vocals which dominate the musical landscape. The pulsating sound of the bass impressed me the most here before the band starts playing some classic Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal grooves that felt like the band were fighting against an unknown enemy. AMPLIFIER DISTORTION and GUITAR FEEDBACK reign supreme for the later stages of the track that ends on a highly satisfactory conclusion.

With this being a Demo release, DEMO has intense production values. The whole sound and overall tone of the EP is vicious and allows OLD GOAT SMOKE to do their thing and let the Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal community know that a great new voice has most definitely arrived. With their debut album being planned for next year then I have a feeling OLD GOAT SMOKE will be one of the bands to lookout for in 2024.

Words by Steve Howe


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Orbiter - Hollow World (Album Review)

Release Date: September 22nd 2023. Record Label: Argonauta Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Hollow World - Tracklisting

Silence Breaks



Hollow World

Raven Bones


Under Your Spell

Last Call


Carolin - Vocals

Alexander - Guitars

Tuomas - Bass

Sami - Drums


Hollow World is the new album from Finnish Psych Doom/Stoner Rockers Orbiter who bring a sense of sludgy, down-tuned and fuzzy momentum to the album with a Grungy outlook within the more heavier moments of the record. With a creative outlook pointing towards such bands as Black Sabbath, Ruby The Hatchet, Monolord and Windhand. Orbiter do employ a LOW & SLOW style of music that works superbly well with the eerie and bewitching Grunge/Occult Rock vocals of lead vocalist Carolin. 

Opening track Hollow World is a slow-paced track with Orbiter playing a Post-Doom with slight Gothic twinges that elevates itself into other areas of Psych, Doom, Stoner and Grunge with the lyrics having a bleak sense of realism contained within. The instrumental work moves from 70's Heavy Doom to the more modern down-tuned and amplifier distorted grooves which allows the Sludge Rock/Metal sounds to fully take flight. The level of Sabbathian guitar reverb and Fuzz based aggression allows Orbiter to have a more Progressive sound you initially expect. The tone whilst aggressive and seedy is one that's quite warm-hearted at the same time.

Second track Beneath is full of 90's Classic Grunge attitude with a subtle Alt Rock/Metal creative flow bringing echoes of Nirvana, L7 and Soundgarden but retaining that bass heavy Doom/Stoner Rock drive. The tone of the album is quite Occult/Gloom based but it's that powerful blend of Melodic Hard Rock and Psychedelic Stoner energy along with Carolin's pitch-perfect vocals that really make this song take flight. There's some wicked Hard Rock guitar solos that burst out of the seams that suddenly end. Which is a shame as I was really starting to get into the swing of things with Orbiter starting to show their full creative side on the whole album.

Third track Kolibri is more of an instrumental psychedelic rock journey with minimal vocal chants that sees Oribter reside within the more Post-Rock or Post-Stoner way of life. It's an interesting track to include on the album that showcases a different side to Orbiter which they do explore more fully on the remainder of the album.

Fourth track Hollow World is a Post-Doom/Grunge/Stoner Rock odyssey with Orbiter structuring the song within different themes, tones, textures and melodies. Perhaps the most progressive sounding track on the album which uses a cool sounding SEMI-ACOUSTIC outline to hold both the full-on Stoner Metal grooves and Post-Rock aspects of this song. This is a track that has a beautifully emotionally charged centre at its core but on the other side there's a thrilling and bloody aggressive style of Doom/Stoner Metal that ranks some of the heaviest moments on the album. Orbiter undertake a more "riffier" approach which is where the impressive drumming and guitar solos make a mighty impression. Carolin's bluesy based vocals end the song on a more sombre and hopeful note.

Four tracks in and four tracks to go with Orbiter continue playing similar style of music with more Ambient and Sonic noises fully come into play on tracks such as Raven Bones, Transmissions and Last Call. There's more reliance on Swirling Psychedelics which allows the almost Gothic/Doom influences of Orbiter's music to shine mostly through the romantic lyricism that allows Carolin's vocals yet again to have such a powerful presence to them. The rest of Orbiter do their part by playing an exciting blend of nomadic based Psych Doom/Stoner Metal which has grabbed the attention of famed Italian Powerhouse label Argonauta Records who are releasing this album.

Hollow World has been produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa who has produced bands such as The 69 Eyes, Amorphis, Apocalyptica, HIM and Moonspell. The dude is a legend of the Finnish Hard Rock/Heavy Metal scene and he does a first rate job here. As the album sounds wickedly surreal and thrillingly heavy throughout. 

Overall, Hollow World is an emotionally charged release that sees ORBITER offering a unique and different sounding release at the same time.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Grand Sounds Promotions for the promo.

Hollow World is be available to buy now on CD/Vinyl via Argonauta Records now


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MOOCH - Wherever It Goes (Album Review)

Release Date: October 06th 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Wherever It Goes - Tracklisting

Fee Fi



Look At Your Hand

The Start


Wherever It Goes

It’s Getting High


Ben Cornel - Guitars/Vocals/Bass

Julian Lac - Bass/Vocals/Guitar

Alex Segreti - Drums/Vocals/Percussions


Canadian Hard Rock/Stoner Rock unit MOOCH return with their second full length album Wherever It Goes and if you dig classic rocking tunes that take creative aims from bands such as KYUSS, 1000Mods, Truckfighters and Borracho though MOOCH take a more outlandish approach with influences such as The Doors, The Who and QOTSA. The album strikes the right balance of Classic Rock riff-worship and modern day Psychedelic/Atmospheric sounds. 

With a thirty three minute run time it’s majorly impressive how many different styles of music that MOOCH contain within such a tight time frame. Echoes of buoyant KYUSS/QOTSA runs supreme on the excellent two opening tracks of Fee Fi and Facedown. There is a wicked melodic sound that airs on the more rebellious style of Stoner Rock but MOOCH show some impressive waves of Post-Rock or Post-Stoner grooves that builds upto a sound that even QOTSA would be proud to call their own. 

Third track Crimson ventures into the world of Art-Rock with Prog Rock flourishes and trippy Stoner jams with an essence of the Scorched Californian Desert Rock landscape being given a distorted FUZZ and JAM-BASED makeover. The song is quite slow-paced but is perhaps the standout track on the album with MOOCH adding a level of creative maturity that some established long-time acts never achieve. The vocals are quite surreal and quite DOOM based with shouts of “UNLOCK THE DOOR” making you feel you’ve come down from a bad trip. Crimson successfully explores the hopefully 1960’s Psych Rock scene with the hedonistic style of 1990’s Stoner Rock/Metal. 

Fourth song Look At Your Hand is another track where MOOCH embraces a different musical persona by playing Middle Eastern inspired Psych Rock/Folk/Tantric Pop hooks. There’s still a sense of world-weary Stoner Rock mysticism but it sees MOOCH in their most inventive when thinking outside of the box. Surreal and trippy spaced out sounds allows this song to have an easy-going attitude which is very hard to resist.

Fifth song The Start is a Punk Rock driven Stoner Rock number with free-flowing 1960’s poppy inspired vocals which are marred with that classic sounding Stoner reckless and seedy lifestyle which allows MOOCH to return to their WEEDIAN ways. The added bonus of sublime extended instrumental jams with layers of ridiculous FUZZ allows this to be one of the other standout tracks on the album.

The final three songs of Fade, Wherever It Goes and It’s Getting High is where MOOCH combine elements of The Doors with traces of King Buffalo inspired Psychedelic/Spaced Out jams which perhaps come through strongly mostly on Fade and Wherever It Goes. There’s a little bit of everything within the Desert/Stoner Rock universe that’s being played on this album and don’t MOOCH just run amok with a sense of dangerous bravado that brings some of the heaviest and most dangerous grooves on the album.

Remember, MOOCH’s debut album was recorded and produced by Brant Bjork, Bubba Dupree and Joe Segreti. This time round, the album was produced by MOOCH themselves. They did a stellar job here with production values matching their debut album and even in some cases surpassing them especially on the more heavier psychedelic moments. 

This is the type of album that famed underground labels such as Ripple Music or Heavy Psych Sounds should have released. That’s how great the album is.

Wherever It Goes is a mysterious and mind-expanding album that will take you on quite a surreal journey within the Stoner Rock vortex where the grooves are soulful, beautifully heavy and outlandish from start to finish. 

Words by Steve Howe


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Thanks to MOOCH for the promo.

Wherever It Goes will be available to buy on Digital from all digital suppliers from October 06th 2023.a

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Swedish Sludge/Doom Metallers Slôdder Premiere New Song/Video For 46 From Upcoming New Album

“46”, the first single from “A Mind Designed to Destroy Beautiful Things,” gives us a bleak look into a dark future, Slôdder's frenzied empest from their eyes of the struggle that is life. Mental breakdowns, addiction, hopelessness, hate and anger play central thematic roles throughout their upcoming album "A Mind Designed To Destroy Beautiful Things" and are channeled nonstop in the pummeling two minutes and three seconds of “46” by the dejected, deranged screams of enigmatic front man Henrik Lindkvist. From the feral fusion of this band’s ferociously dissonant parts, a bombastic arrangement with the devil himself emerges through scraping riffs and blindingly urgent low end, and we encounter and an exorcism of sorts, but also a seance, and a ritual all at once.

Quoted by the band as “an ode to Wermland, our home turf. The heartland of everything that is Slôdder. We could not exist anywhere else; this is who we are. It is a beautiful and tranquil place, but below the’s a whole different animal. Its where we find our inspiration, sanity, and strength..” we’re dragged kicking and screaming into a visceral hellscape of tarnished reputations, broken hearts, and wretched
souls without hope of redemption as hard as one might try.

Huge thanks to Outlaws Of The Sun for hosting this bestial creature!

Recorded from start to finish in 19 and a half hours at Sweden’s Studio.Underjord with the great Joona Hassinen, “A Mind Designed to Destroy.Beautiful Things” was produced live and raw, with the intention of capturing the sheer power, energy, and bestial emotion you encounter from Slôdder at a live gig. Continuous noise, no pause, no rest, left intentionally rough and unpolished as life itself can be. Make no mistake, there’s method in the madness and Slôdder’s misanthropic vision meets its gruesome mark with no hesitation. 

The band almost physically erupts with its decidedly dirty sound full of carnal filth and destructive fury, each member bringing searing heat the Slôdder sound.which can only be described as bludgeoning, hardcore sludge,.precariously traversing the world of the living and the dead giving.toxic levels of destitute soul wreckage somewhere between “who gives a fuck” and “fuck around and find out.”

Majestic Mountain Records has been entranced by Slôdder’s wicked ways from the get-go and chose the latter. Appealing to the beast in all of us, we are thrilled to finally present this savage album in an ultra-limited pressing of 100 with all the high-quality wax glory it deserves. Available for pre-sale this Friday the 29th of September, we are pleased to bring you a sneak peak of
what’s coming with the premiere of “46” ahead of the album’s official release on the 24th November.

Slôdder force feeds us a bleak, bellowing beast and single handedly vanquishes all notion of hope for escape, tearing it to bloody pieces whilst leaving us breathless and heaving for more amidst the carnage.

Get “46” in you and play it loud in preparation for the landing of “A Mind Designed To Destroy Beautiful Things” out officially from Majestic Mountain Records on the 24th of November. Pre-sale this Friday. 

For fans of Fistula, Eyehategod, and Weedeater.

Slôdder are:

Henrik Lindqvist
Henrik Östlund
Martin Abraham
Carl Johan Larsgården
Robert Hagel

All artwork and design by Emil Edman

Recorded Produced, Mixed and Mastered at Studio Underjord by Joona Hasseinen


Mind Designed to Destroy Beautiful Things
Still No Friends

Thanks to Majestic Mountain Records for all of the details. 


Psych/Acid/Fuzz/Kraut Rockers The Silver Linings Release New Song/Lyric Video For Cosmic Excursions From Upcoming New Album via Spinda Records

After the release of the song "Patient M" earlier in September and announcing last week that they'll be part of the line-up of the next edition of Alhambra Monkey Week in Spain, Andalusian psych band The Silver Linings is putting out on Friday "Cosmic excursions", second single of their upcoming debut album 'Pink Fish', available on October 11 through Spinda Records.

On this occasion, the band offers a face much closer to 60's psychedelia and space rock that will delight fans of bands such as Rolling Stones, Hawkwind, Acid Mess or Andalusian-psych-rock band Atavismo.

Formed in Malaga (Spain) in 2021, The Silver Linings self-released their debut EP ‘TSL’ back in May 2023. Just a few days later they were signed up by the indie record label Spinda Records (Moura, Fin del Mundo, Moundrag…) and went into the studio once again to record additional music to re-launch everything as their first full-length album in October 2023.

Photo by Nacho Gabrielli

The Silver Linings are highly influenced by 20th century sci-fi, Moorcock's literature, Moebius' illustrations, Tarkovsky's cinema, Jodorovsky's work and the poetry of the beat generation; in addition to natural landscapes of Andalusia such as El Torcal in Antequera, the Gorafe desert, the dunes of Bolonia and the Strait of Gibraltar. Due to the type of music they make and the fact that they reside in the south of Spain, they could be part of the new wave of psychedelic rock in Andalusia, along with groups such as Atavismo, Híbrido , Lunavieja, Medicina, Santo Rostro, Mía Turbia, Gu Vo or DMBK; although their sound - closer to acid-psych-space-kraut-rock - makes one think more of bands like Causa Sui, Hawkwind or Can.

The pre-order for the vinyl edition will be available at and Bandcamp, as well as the digital edition on the main digital streaming services.

+ THE SILVER LININGS: Bandcamp | Instagram | Facebook
+ SPINDA RECORDS: Web | Bandcamp | Instagram | Facebook

Thanks to Spinda Records for all of the details.