Monday 9 May 2016

Close Encounters Of The Strange Kind: An Interview with UFOSONIC GENERATOR

On 16 November 1974 the Arecibo message was broadcast into space a single time via frequency modulated radio waves. The message was aimed at the current location of globular star cluster M13 some 25,000 light years away just to get in touch with extra terrestrial minds somewhere out there. Well, the message worked as scientists say, they’ve gladly approved that it attracts the attention of the ever hungry tyranids hive fleet which is now heading to our Solar System, the reptiloids race (it’s first representatives already rule few big countries including yours), few rock bands and other hostile life forms. Ufosonic Generator project amongst them.

They came from outer space and play the stuff similar to classic doom rock. Minotauro Records took care of these homanoids and promised to help them get in touch with humankind through their first album. So Ufosonic Generator is finishing this work to make all of us happy with cosmic knowledge. Diego and Gojira (of course it’s not their real names, because no one in the space hasn’t such names!) broadcast this interview through their alien technologies.

Hi there on the high orbit! Please introduce Ufosonic Generator to our readers - who are you and from where did you come from?

DD: Formed as Ufosonic Generator in 2011, happened I was in disease a full month straight those days and got medicine –and I would be endlessly grateful to the national health service for that!- and.. definitely mixing illness and drugs had a nice effect on my songwriting as, between visions and pain, Ufosonic were born... that’s how it goes!

Where do we come from? Mmm.. i think we would never belong to any country on earth but, we encourage you to get in contact to the overdriven species out there so, you can have a glance to humanity from outside and just looking from the Earth to deep space..

Gojira: In my past life I was a female singer, then I suddenly turned into a male screamer for Ufosonic.

Such a cool story bro! Diego, are you sure that it's the real Gojira there with you?! He could be abducted by aliens and returned with an erased personality! How can you prove it?


The band was formed in 2011, how long did you work over your first record? What were your primal goals when you composed that material?

DD: Miguel Bell and me had the idea to start a band together in one of those alcoholic nights… Then McManchester and me started our rehearsal together and in the next few months all the ideas and riffs got into shape.

How did you find other members of Ufosonic Generator? What's the current lineup?

DD: Our line-up is Gojira on screams, Carl Michael Bell on bass, S.Mcmanchester on drums and me on guitars. We all played in different bands in the past and we still do nowadays . Started a Black Sabbath faithful tribute together with Gojira and Mcmanchester years ago so, it was quite easy to ask the guys to join.. on the other hand our Carl Michael doesn’t belong to Planet Earth, we just borrowed him at some point and we know we will let him go when they’ ll want him back..just like Bowie.

Gojira, how did you find that your way of singing is OK for the band?

G: DD wanted me to sing in the band. And DD’s word is pure gospel, you know…

Ufosonic Generator first records are two EP's - "Harold The Addicted, pt.1" and "Harold The Abducted, pt.2". What is the story behind them?

DD: We just gave a name to the king, which is Harold – from a Shelley’s novel..”- and he is an addict at first, more morally than because of drugs. Now, I have a question for you - have you ever seen a corrupted “king”? Mmm.. well I would say yes. So, in our second EP we were sick of him and, we just gave him to our friends there in outer space.. Wouldn’t be nice if every population would do that to mainstream rules and rulers?

But hey! Don’t get me wrong. Harold likes drugs and aliens as well.

How often do you get in contact with aliens and drugs? Oh... sorry, I'm not going to show any disrespect, I bet that you're honorable gentlemen, so answer just about aliens!

G: Oh no, that’s really OK: aliens are our favorite pushers.

Ufosonic Generator – At Witches’ Bell

What are your requirements to creating your own sound?

DD: How much time do you have? Aahaha well, a riff-based powerful sound of guitar is our first goal. “Harold the Abducted” has been recorded with engl head and cabs plus a beloved ‘73 laney klipp for the fuzzy sound, Gibson SG and lot of mics!

We got a good sound but not completely happy with that – it’s definitely necessary being critic with ourselves!

I think a riff-by-riff approach mixed to unique McManchester drumming style - which is totally devoted to classic stuff from Bonzo, Mitch Mitchell and Ward, routed with a-la-Tool skills approached with some jazzy weirdness is our trademark.

As you can see, rhythm and power is truly vital to us and, that’s why Miguel Bell bass sound is so roaring and thunderous..

Did you have in mind any lyrical conception when you started the band? Did you have any certain message for your listeners?

DD:Speaking the truth to the listener is always the best way to speak to the listener. We can’t play any other style without being more expressive than that because we are anti-hero, anti-mainstream players, we do believe in man but we lose our hopes for humanity every day more and more.

That’s why our lyrics are deeply involved in magic, illuminated literature and fascinations from the dark side and again, do you really believe we are alone in this universe?

Gojira and me worked more together on the second EP lyrics as well.

Gojira: It’s basically a mix between psychedelic and oniric visions plus some dark satanic shit. What’s good about these lyrics is that we can freely write down things about some of our weirdest dreams. Sometimes we also draw inspiration from some strange old stories and legends.

Senior Gojira what do you mean speaking about dark satanic shit?

G: Well, satanic shit is way better than Christian shit. One night Jesus himself told me so…

How often do you visit the church? Did you ever have a chance to play a gig there?

DD: I remember I entered a church once. Still waiting for the holy spirit to come.

Ufosonic Generator played alongside Funeral Marmoori, Godwatt and Psychedelic Witchcraft. How often do you play live? What was your biggest success as a live band?

DD: Nice gig that one, man! FM are our pals and good boys to party with –even if we live far from each other- so, we are always glad to share the stage with them. We had fun for sure - good beer, good drugs and no-good-looking-guys crowd. Just perfect!

We would love to play live everyday, I think it’s a commitment to every rock&roll band but, on the other hand I must say that it’s going to be more and more difficult playing raw music in a way which is honest in front of people who really got the message.

Audiences are used to fake bands which prefer to spend a lot of time in the studio and then missing the point as a live band. It’s just like having a cake full of cream and trimmings, we are more like daily bread.

Diego how did you get in touch with Minotauro Records? What details of the deal you are ready to share? Did you already buy the new house on this new deal?

DD: Glen is a good guy and they're going to release our first album. First cheque we will grab a double-flat boathouse along with a nice garden and a fountain. As soon as we get it, we will have a party and you will be invited!

Ufosonic Generator – A Sinful Portrait

I'm ready to party and already prepared my best suit and tie! How long is your first album? How many songs does it consists of?

DD: While this interview occurred, our first album is going to be recorded; everything is set up and almost ready, just finishing recording the last song then mixing and mastering as well. It should contain 8 or 9 tracks but, we never planned anything yet so, we just let things flow and wait for the holy spirit to illuminate us!

Will it be performed stylistically in the same manner as your EP's?

G: Our recordings aim to be as close as possible to our live sound. We’re mainly a live band. Gigs are where the fun is.

What's official date of release? And how are you going to support it?

DD: It’s still a secret and, secret is the fundamental of magic so. Just let the spell be with us a bit more then. Support?. Well, Minotauro will do its part distributing the new album, supporting us spreading our voice in Europe and US and on mags. We all do the rest, of course!

How did you record the album? What were the conditions recording in the studio?

DD: We recorded at Studio12, Giovanni is a good guy to work with and, we arrived there with everything ready so, it was quite easy. The studio has a comfy sofa and Giovanni is always ready to open a beer for you! Then “wolf of wall street” came out, just one of the best movies of the last few years, as long as “Bird”. When you will watch them just think to Ufosonic!

What was the most difficult part during the record session?

DD: Paying the bills, I guess…

How much of money and time do you usually spend on Ufosonic Generator? Isn’t it cheaper to record at night?

G: This type of music can be only recorded at night. Mornings are good only to find some money for Ufosonic.

What are your plans for the next release?

DD: We hate plans.

The answer is cool to finish this interview, but I should ask – do you have few more words of Ufosonic wisdom for our patient readers?

DD: Wisdom? Let the Bill Hicks spirit be always with us! Enjoy listening to us and I must say been a pleasure to answer your questions so, keep up supporting us! And remember - abduction is imminent and well desired.

Words by Aleks Evdokimov and Ufosonic Generator