Saturday 21 May 2016

DOOMSTRESS - Supernatural Kvlt Sounds (EP Review)

DOOMSTRESS – Supernatural Kvlt Sounds – Tracklisting

Way of the Mountain
Rainbow Demon (Uriah Heep cover)
Sleep Among the Dead
Wicked Woman (Coven cover)

DOOMSTRESS - Band Members:

Doomstress Alexis – Bass/Vocals
Brandon Johnson – Guitars
Tomasz Scull – Drums


Doomstress is a new band featuring Doomstress Alexis and Brandon from Doom Metallers – Project Armageddon. They're joined on drums by Tomasz Scull who is part of Sparrowmilk and also guitarist for Venomin James.

So what is Doomstress about. Why the change for a new band and sound. Well I'll let Doomstress tell you themselves:

"Doomstress was spawned by Doomstress Alexis's desire to take a more personal musical direction. While still rooted in doom and metal, Doomstress seeks to invoke heavier grooves found more in vintage & stoner rock. The layering of twin guitar and vocal harmonies allows Doomstress to bring a darker ambience and mood to the music. Lyrically and visually Doomstress appeals to free spiritedness, strength of self, elements of nature & the supernatural, as well as some occult and gothic themes."

Doomstress have recorded a four track EP called - Supernatural Kvlt Sounds and the results are very encouraging indeed. They've recorded two new songs – Way Of The Mountain and Sleep Among The Dead, whilst offering two covers of classic tracks - Rainbow Demon (Uriah Heep cover) and Wicked Woman (Coven cover).

Opening track – Way Of The Mountain – sees Doomstress wasting no time in creating a very sombre and eerie Doom/Stoner Metal atmosphere. Parts 70s Occult Rock matched with a more modern Stoner Metal sound. I can hear shades of Project Armageddon but those thoughts are put to rest when Doomstress Alexis starts singing and DAMN, she's on great form. The riffs are precise with hints of vintage Doom Metal appearing here and there. The lyrics are firmly rooted in Occult/Doom Rock. This is the strongest track of the two new songs especially when the band venture into NWOBHM territory.

Second track – Rainbow Demon – is a very cool cover to choose from as it allows the band to flex their musical talents and do something interesting with such a well known song. Doomstress version is more doomier compared to the original and it works. Doomstress Alexis is having fun hear and perhaps offers her strongest vocal performance on the EP. They easily make this song their own. Brandon and Tomasz provide superb support on guitars and drums respectively.

Third track – Sleep Among The Dead – opens with a slow-paced sinister and heavy pounding sound before the band show some Thin Lizzy guitar riff worship. This song feels like it's more personal to Doomstress Alexis as she offers her most sincere vocal performance on the EP but it's still a heavy and doomier affair. Though it's the music that's the standout factor here. I could listen to Doomstress play this song for days. It's a hypnotic and very dark affair. The second half of the song sees Doomstress change into a different band as they start playing 80s style Rock/Metal riffs.

Fourth track – is another cover and this time it's Coven classic – Wicked Woman. Perhaps an apt title for Doomstress Alexis's performance on the entire EP. She KICKS-ASS yet again but I can't forget to mention Tomasz and Brandon who make up this fearsome trio. The song is another cool cover as the band bring this song kicking and screaming into the 21st Century with a more modern Stoner Metal take.

Doomstress debut EP is a damn fine record. It leaves you wanting to hear more. I've heard there's a full length record in the works and I cannot wait to hear that record. This EP proves that Doomstress have something special about them and perhaps even have an exciting career ahead of them.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Doomstress Alexis for the promo.

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