Tuesday 24 May 2016

CONTRA - Deny Everything (Album Review)

Release date: Sometime Later in 2016. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Deny Everything – Tracklisting

Human Buzzsaw
Snake Goat
Altered Beast
The Gorgon
Humanoid Therapy
Son Of Beast
Bottom Feeder
One Hundred Hand Slap
Dr Goldfoot
Shrimp Cocktail

Band Members:

Aaron – Drums
Adam – Guitar/Bass
Chris – Guitar
Larry - Vocals


Contra are a Sludge/Stoner Metal band who create heavy slabs of Punk Rock infused carnage with a dash of classic Rock and Roll. Their debut album – Deny Everything - promises one wild ride of heavy riffs. Contra isn’t playing anything new but they do have a talent for writing highly infections Sludge/Stoner Rock anthems with a sly playful attitude.

The vocals are what you expect from an album such as this. Not too polished but not sloppy either. They have the right amount of hard-rocking vibes with a subtle style of their own. The lyrics could have done with more work but that shouldn’t stop you enjoying this record as it includes ten superb songs to fully enjoy time and time again.

Contra has delivered an album that is built on riffs and BOY do they deliver with conviction. The songs all follow the same structure, heavy sludge/stoner riffs built around a hardcore punk groove with intense vocals. From the opening moments of first track – Human Buzzsaw – Contra create riffs with a NOLA vibe running through out and the songs that follow the opening track carry on the same style of heavy fast paced atmosphere.

Contra slow things right down on the excellent fifth track – Humanoid Therapy – which has a cool Thin Lizzy vibe running through out. It’s perhaps where Contra impress the most on the album as it allows them to show off their musical skills with both vocals and instrumental work.

From this point forward, Contra carry on the same style of heavy sludge/stoner rock with other great songs to check out such as Son Of Beast, One Hundred Hard Slap, Dr Goldfoot and the excellent final track – Shrimp Cocktail. All in all, Contra have delivered a superb and exciting debut album. Check it out as Contra are definitely worth your time. Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Contra for the promo. Deny Everything will be released later this year. Details will be announced at a later date. Though it will be well worth the wait.