Saturday 21 May 2016

GHOLD - PYR (Album Review)

Release date: May 06th 2016. Label:Ritual Productions. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

PYR – Tracklisting

1.Collusion With Traitors 11:30
2.Blud 04:59
3.CCXX 08:36
4.Despert Thrang 21:25

Band Members:

Paul Antony
Aleks Wilson
Oliver Martin


Ghold’s new album sees the band create a heavier and more experimental sound than previous offerings. Their sound is more one of industrial noises merged with heavy doom metal riffs. The album feels it was influenced by industrial legends Godflesh as Ghold expand their sound further into one of more industrial noise but PYR still essentially remains a Doom Metal album.

Ghold have recruited an additional member to their ranks and it allows them to create a more focused sound compared to previous releases. That’s not to say PYR is an easy listen. It isn’t as Ghold drift from moments of Drone, Noise and Experimental Doom which maybe too jarring for some listeners to fully appreciate. The vocal work is what you would expect from Ghold. Loud, brash and quite messy at times but they’re very hypnotic from start to finish.

The four songs on offer: Collusion With Traitors, Blud, CCXX and Despert Thrang will entertain and frustrate in equal measure as Ghold are quite adept at playing familiar style hard rock/metal riffs compared to the more experimental industrial based riffs that appear on Collusion With Traitors and Despert Thrang.

There are parts of PYR that I really love but there are other parts of the album that are too weird even for me. Though that’s the beauty of this album. It dares to be different as Ghold play by their own rules and they don’t care if you like the album or not. They’re creating music for themselves and that’s a brave thing to do.

PYR is perhaps Ghold’s most accomplished work to date and one that is sure to give them more attention within the Rock/Metal world. It may seem I don’t like this album where in fact the opposite is true. I think PYR is a heavy nightmarish take on all things Industrial/Doom Metal. It will mainly appeal to folks who enjoy their music that little bit different. 

Ghold are finally starting to show their true potential and I hope that Ghold will release more challenging albums such as PYR in the future. All in all, PYR is a stunning album.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Jack at Rarely Unable PR for the promo. PYR is available to buy now from Ritual Productions.