Saturday 7 May 2016

Kavrila - Rituals I (EP Review)

Release date: March 31st 2016. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

RITUALS (  – Tracklisting

1.Pain 01:47
2.Retch 02:08
3.Collapse 02:22
4.Night 05:57


Kavrila is a newly formed band who have just released their debut EP – Ritual I. For a band who only formed at the start of 2016 this is a powerful statement of intent. Fusing Hardcore, Doom, Punk and Sludge with a Blackened sensibility. Rituals I is one pissed off exercise in tone and volume.

The band don't care about fitting into genre conventions as they rewrite the rules with a measure of confidence you don't see on a debut release. The riffs are fast-paced, deadly and precise as Kavrila kick the living shit out of everything that comes into their way. Imagine a more pissed off version of MANTAR and that's what you get with Kavrila.

The EP only lasts 13 minutes but it's one wild ride where the music and tone of the EP is pitch black through out. The vocals are built on hardcore punk sensibilities and that means their delivered with anger and passion through out. Songs: Pain, Retch and Collapse show the more frantic side of Kavrila where they create impressive riffs despite the short running time of the songs. Sludge Punk Rock/Metal fury in it's truest form.

Kavrila impress the most on the final song – Night, as their allowed more time to create a more menacing and doomier environment. The riffs have more weight to them and become more interesting as a result. The vocals are intense. If Karvila are going to release future material then I hope they include songs of Night's ilk. As this is where the band impress the most.

Overall – Rituals I, is a damn fine EP. Shame it's only on for 13 minutes but it's still one exciting and twisted wild ride. Awesome stuff.

Words by Steve Howe