Saturday 3 September 2016

Iron Witch - A Harrowed Dawn (Album Review)

Release date: September 02nd 2016. Label: Secret Law Records House. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

A Harrowed Dawn – Tracklisting

01. Beauty And Rot
02. Salvation Through Nothing
03. Machinery Of Violence
04. Under The Pyre
05. Belly Full Of Rats
06. Solitude And Decay

Band Members:

Chris Fane - Guitar
Will Adams - Drums
Mark Hughes - Guitar
Dave Mould - Vocals
Rick Owen- Bass


UK Sludge/Doom crew – Iron Witch – have been going as a band for 6 years now. Since then they've released quite a collection of EP's and singles over the years. Now they've have finally come round into releasing their debut album with A Harrowed Dawn.

Iron Witch knew this record needed to sound super heavy and they've teamed up with a couple of Doom Metal Heavyweights to get this album made. Chris Fielding was brought into mix the album at the now legendary Skyhammer Studios. The album was then sent off to Brad Boatright at Audiosiege for mastering. So yeah this album sounds incredible from start to finish.

The album itself is a heavy bombardment of pure Doom/Sludge Metal heaviness. Iron Witch create 6 tracks of pure torment with Dave Mould's vocals adding an angry volatile edge. The riffs are buried under a ton of filth that not only consumes you but fucking beats you into submission. There is a slight NOLA influence to be found in Iron Witch's sound. It's a more depressing feel but it's undeniably there.

Tracks suck as Beauty And Rot, Salvation Through Nothing and Under The Pyre shows a band excelling in creating heavy Doom/Sludge based misery as the mood stays bleak throughout. Iron Witch have stayed true to their sound over the years but this album sees them add a more progressive edge compared to previous works. A Harrowed Dawn allows Iron Witch to try new ideas with their music especially on the brilliant 13 minute epic – Solitude And Decay – which ranks as one of the heaviest tracks I've heard this year.

Iron Witch add cool psychedelic touches to show the world their not all about Doom/Sludge Metal torment. The death based growls from Dave compliment the music superbly well as Iron Witch turn in a powerhouse performance throughout the entire album.

A Harrowed Dawn is an album that should see Iron Witch's stock rise considerably within Doom/Sludge Metal circles. As this ranks as one of the best and heaviest Doom/Sludge Metal albums of 2016. Seriously it's that FUCKING GOOD.....

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Secret Law Records for the promo. A Harrowed Dawn is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl now from Secret Law Records.