Monday 12 September 2016

ZAUM - Eidolon (Album Review)

Release date: October 24th 2016. Label: I Hate Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Eidolon – Tracklisting

Influence Of The Magi
The Enlightenment

Band Members:

Kyle Alexander : Vocals, Basses, Sitar, Synth.
Lewis : Drums, Lights


ZAUM made quite an impression when they released their debut album Oracles. Two years have passed and ZAUM are back with their new album, Eidolon. ZAUM established themselves as one of the most exciting Doom/Drone Metal bands to emerge from the scene. Their blend of Eastern sounds merged with ambient noises and heavy Doom/Drone Metal sounds made Oracles a standout album.

Now Eidolon sees the band drift further away from the sounds they created on Oracles. As the band create a heavier and more droned out affair. The familiar Eastern based sounds are still there lurking in the background but ZAUM have decided to focus more on the drone aspect of their music whilst creating a heavier Doom/Sludge based sound. The album contains two epic tracks that both run for twenty minutes each.

First track – Influence Of The Magi - opens with ZAUM exchanging their Eastern sounds for a more direct Oriental style sound. Vocals appear at different parts of the song with a mixture of heavy distorted and clean based vocals. The drone/doom aspect is expertly matched with a more forgiving highly atmospheric nature than Oracles. It may take a few listens of the album to fully understand and appreciate the madness happening around you. The last part of the song sees ZAUM move into Sludge Metal territory and it’s perhaps the most exciting part of the album especially with the superb vocals. Though I think these vocals are from their good friend Mattias Nööjd (formely of GALVANO and now Firebreather) who apparently makes an appearance on this record. I could be wrong but the vocals sound very familiar to Mattias's.

Second track – The Enlightenment – starts very slowly with a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere being created before different instruments and noises are brought in at different times. It’s a quieter affair compared to the opening track. ZAUM take their time in bringing the heavy doom/drone based moments to this song. The Enlightenment is the more calmer and peaceful of the two songs on the album but it still offers moments of pure heaviness to unsettle you with.

ZAUM feel that they were influenced by OM and Sleep at times but this album still sees ZAUM creating their own individual sound. Eidolon is a very different album to Oracles and it shows that ZAUM are very much a forward thinking band who are willing to take risks with their music. Eidolon is an outstanding record and it proves that ZAUM have the talent and vision to truly standout from the Doom/Drone metal crowd.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Wolf at Sure Shot Worx for the promo. Eidolon will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via I Hate Records from October 24th 2016.