Saturday 17 September 2016

Yawning Man - Historical Graffiti (Album Review)

Release date: August 18th 2016. Label: Lay Bare Recordings. Format: DD/Vinyl

Historical Graffiti – Tracklisting

1.The Wind Cries Edalyn 08:31
2.Her Phantom Finger of Copenhagen 06:58
3.Naomi Crayola 03:05
4.The Secret Language of Elephants 06:27
5.Historical Graffiti 07:48

Band Members:

Gary Acre – Guitar
Mario Lalli – Bass
Bill Stinson – Drums

Guest Musicians

Sara Ryan - Violin
Adolfo Trepiana – Accordion
Malene Arce – Mellotron/Keyboards


Iconic and Legendary Desert/Stoner Rockers – Yawning Man – return with their first album in six years. Historical Graffiti sees the band return to their earlier sounds whilst creating a more experimental affair. The album which was recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina during their 2015 South American Tour. Yawning Man have some cool special guests on the album making appearances here and there with Sara Ryan on Violin, Adolfo Trepiana on Accordion and Malene Arce on Mellotron and Keyboards.

The results are instantly rich and rewarding with the psychedelic riffs having something magical about them. This is an album built on emotions as it has a dreamlike quality especially on the first two opening tracks – The Wind Cries Edalyn and Her Phantom Finger Of Copenhagen. Crazy titles, sure but Yawning Man have never played by the rules as they emerged as one of the leading lights from the Desert/Stoner Rock scene.

Historical Graffiti has a more reserved ambient post-rock sound compared to the band's earlier albums but Yawning Man still show a flair for heavier Desert/Stoner grooves. We all know the rich musical history the band members have and it's that wealth of experience that makes Yawning Man such a unique band within the Desert/Stoner Rock scene.

Historical Graffiti has definitely been worth the wait as the music is expertly played through out. The album has more of a jam-based quality with the band operating/recording in a more looser environment that their perhaps used to. The heavier spaced out moments on the album is where Yawning Man truly come alive especial on The Secret Language of Elephants and the superb title track – Historical Graffiti.

I could go on for an eternity explaining how magical and wonderful this album really is. I will let Yawning Man's music do all the talking as Historical Graffiti is a spellbinding and wonderful album. This is a must have album. No question.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Lay Bare Recordings for the promo. Historical Graffiti is available to buy on DD/Vinyl now from Lay Bare Recordings.


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