Monday 6 November 2017

Exclusive Song Premiere Of Cult Seeker From PILLARS and Interview With Bassist DISASTER

Pillars are a Sludge/Doom Metal band from France who will be releasing their superb new EP - Pyres and Gallows on November 17th via Seeing Red Records.

The label have kindly allowed ourselves to host the exclusive premiere of "Cult Seeker" off off Pyres and Gallows, which you can hear below:


Here is a little Q & A with the with Pillars bassist Distaster conducted by Thomas from Redefining Darkness.:

Tell us a bit about the formation of the band. I understand a few of you were once a part of higher profile death metal bands such as Svart Crown...what were the deciding factors of leaving that scene behind and start Pillars?

Klem was playing guitar in Svart Crown few years ago, I guess he just wanted to do something else. Disaster (bass) and JJ (Drums) formed Pillars in 2014 then Djé (Guitars) joined. It took over a year to find a singer but it helped us forging our own thing musically.

The subgenres of Doom have become quite crowded in recent years. How do you manage to establish your sound and stand out from the pack?

It was hard to find our own sound but I think we’ve achieved that : massive tone with old school feeling, agressive fuzzy sound but we try to keep a good balance between guitar and bass so you can (almost) hear everything. For song writing, unlike a lot of doom bands nowadays, we try to give vocals a lot of space, more like in traditional rock songs. We also try to give each song its own identity so they really differ from each other.

What do you feel is the essence of doom metal? What aesthetics are essential?

Low tuning, darkness, fuck everything.

To what do you attribute the emergence of the French scene and what bands do you recommend?

There are more and more very goods bands around, no miracles, just guys working hard on their stuff : for example CLYSTONE and OORTHIAN from our area are KILLER bands, DEVEIKUTH was great too but I think they just split. We also have SILVER GALLERY and SOUND OF ZARDOZZ from Marseille that are kicking ass. And of course more established bands like WITCHTHROAT SERPENT, HANGMAN’S CHAIR, MONARD, VERDUN… All those are fucking great.

Lyrically and conceptually what influences Pillars?

Pillars is about madness, rituals and debauchery.

What non metal influences if any influence your sound?

Punk !

If you had to pick five essential doom metal albums what would they be?

Here are few records I really like:

- Corrupted : El mundo Frio
- Salem’s Post : Sweden
- Ramessess : Possessed by the rise of magik
- Church of Misery : Houses of the Unholy
- Sleep : Dopesmoker

Is there specific gear/equipment you use that makes your sound so full and dynamic?

We mainly use devices from french craftsmans like N.O.S. (Name of sound), CHILLBASS, ELEVENDRUMS… Less expensive than big brands and better made. Also it’s always better to talk to the guys that are building stuff for you.

What are the plans for the future of Pillars?

We want to play live a lot, with bands we like. Also, we’ve just recorded our first full length album, we’ll take some time to mix it and add everything we want.