Thursday 23 November 2017

Exclusive Album Stream - Blissful Stream/Lightsabres - Devil's Night to All Souls

After the time of harvest moon, moving through Hallow’s Eve to All Souls, and as the year’s twilight gains prominence, the times to follow are truly dire and cryptic.

You would so rend your flesh in hopes that it be repaired by another? Do so at your own behest, and freely of your own accord; you shan’t be considered above the greater darkness that looms. So be it that this was the price for your knowledge…

Although a new name for some, for those in the realm of proto-black metal, Blissful Stream shall be a welcome delight. The change was set for Martin Sällström to reemerge in 2016 from these past few years, after bidding farewell to a lengthy campaign with Swedish black metal legends Pest. Songs soaked in and inspired by 70’s and 80’s metal and spaghetti western death rock cloaks you; transporting you to simple yet bare times where souls rarely found peace. Following the brilliant debut EP for Dark Prod Records in ‘Ascending Demons’, the raw energy and intensity on this split unfolds itself to all, spurred on by raw DIY direct ethic.

With a slightly alternative approach, not unlike his countryman with whom he shares the Devil’s Night to All Souls EP, the year darkens also for John Strömshed of Lightsabres.. Also the leader with rustic Swedish rockers Tunga Möln, he has also crafted warped stoner-punk and alterna-grunge masterworks as Lightsabres to the glee of fans worldwide for the last few years. The last few releases had seen also certain tracks with much darker and disparaging feels; almost a terrific segue to these three tracks on offer for around the season of decay.

These two shadowy sons of Sweden come together to tell of the soul stripped bare, cautionary heralds, and folk songs of despair. The EP is set to be released on Black Friday, November 24th, 2017 on Medusa Crush Recordings in digital and limited high-bias cassette formats initially, to be followed by a limited digipack CD run later on.


01. Fallen From Grace
02. Dead Of Night
03. A Vision From Below
04. Blues From The End Of A Rope
05. Anyone
06. Darkness On My Trail

Release date: November 24th, 2017

Composed, recorded and mixed by M. Sällström (tracks  1 - 3)
Everything by J. Strömshed (tracks 4 - 6)

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