Monday 13 November 2017

Ember - 271 (EP Review)

Release date: November 12th 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

271 - Tracklisting

1.Ladoux Snare 08:07
2.Moonchild 09:13
3.Eye of the Dawn 08:48


Crystal Bigelow - Vocal
Jeremy Allen - Bass
Craig Shadix - Guitar
Eric Bigelow - Drums


Ember - return with their second EP - 271 - that contains three tracks which focuses more on the Psychedelic Doom side of life. Expertly produced with Ember on inspired form right from the start. The EP is steeped in seventies sounding doom rock with the modern sounding Psych Blues Rock that's a lot of female fronted bands are starting to do at the moment. Ember’s new EP is superb with the band even showing flashes of originality throughout the EP.

Opening track - Ladoux Snare - is a more lucid affair with the band adding elements of sixties trippy psychedelic rock before the heavy doom/stoner sounds that appear. It's very slow paced at times with Ember adopting a more experimental and alternative rock approach. The lyrics feel slightly out of pace against the doom and gloom backdrop but the vocals from Crystal save the day with Ember slowly settling down into a more emotional rhythm.

Second track - Moonchild - opens with a speech from the classic children's movie - The Never Ending Story. One of my favourite films growing up in the eighties. So kudos for the band using that brief sample. The song then moves onto a classic sounding Black Sabbath style riff. Slow pounding drums and heavy guitars creating a vintage sounding doom and gloom based atmosphere. The mood then changes to a more emotionally charged psychedelic blues rock vibe. The slow paced riffs allow lead vocalist Crystal to expand her vocal range quite dramatically in places.

Third track - Eye Of The Dawn - has a heavy mixture of grunge, doom and stoner rock with a twinge of gothic style delivery. The vocals from Crystal are very emotional at times and can be quite gloomy as well. Maybe Ember has taken influence more from Chelsea Wolfe and Black Sabbath on this record. The heavy riffs do take their time to appear but when they do they are precise with Ember showing a fine ear for detail especially during the more melodic parts.

271 is a very dramatic and emotionally charged EP that should hopefully find a loyal following within the Doom/Psych/Stoner Rock community.

Words by Steve Howe