Tuesday 28 November 2017

KING BEE - All Seeing Eye (EP Review)

Release date: November 18th 2017. Label: Various. Format: DD

All Seeing Eye - Tracklisting

1.Megamouth 05:43
2.Sweat 04:15
3.All Seeing Eye 05:11


Ed (Guitar/Vocals)
John (Drums)


I've been keeping an eye on UK Noise/Sludge/Stoner Rockers – KING BEE – for the last year or so. Their new EP – All Seeing Eye – is perhaps the best offering yet from this hard-rocking and pissed off duo. Embracing a Sludgy Noise Rock driven sound. King Bee also offer violent elements of FUZZ ROCK to make their sound that slightly more dynamic.

First track Megamouth does take time to fully get going but the band still manage to create heavy sludge/stoner grooves that has shades of early QOTSA and The Melvins to it. The vocals from Ed are firmly rooted in Sludge/Doom Metal territory and are perhaps more experimental compared to the addictive riffs. The song also has a layer Blues Rock sounds buried under that heavy pissed off riffage.

Second track – Sweat – is an infections alternative rock little number with the band playing against stereotype and moving slightly away from the opening track sludge/stoner sound. It has quite a slow-paced feel to begin with at first before the band find that manic violent spark that allows them to create loud heavy noises that fans of TORCHE (Meanderthal era) will surely enjoy.

Third track – All Seeing Eye – is a Fuzz/Desert Rock sounding song with slightly gloomy lyrics and vocals that leave you under their hypnotic spell. This is another chaotic and very loud affair with the band including superb elements of slow-paced alternative rock. Though King Bee can never stay quiet for long. The song soon returns to it's earlier Sludge/Stoner Rock sound and it becomes the more better for it.

The production is handled superbly well. Kudos to the band for getting the hugely talented Sam Thredder (Slabdragger) to engineer this EP. All Seeing Eye could have done with another track. As it's far too short at 15 mins in length. I know it's an EP but I wanted and expected more. That minor complaint aside, All Seeing Eye is one of the coolest EP's you'll likely to encounter this year.

Words by Steve Howe