Saturday 6 January 2018

Black Mammoth - Overlord Of The Pleasuredome (Album Review)

Release date: December 23rd 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Overlord Of The Pleasuredome – Tracklisting

1.Artificial Goliath 04:38
2.Tainted Woman 05:09
3.Holy One Conspiracy 05:04
4.Sweet Venom Reciever 04:23
5.Here I Am 05:05
6.Cauldron of Lies 06:38
7.Envy The Dead 05:18
8.Spirit Wanders Lonely 04:18
9.Overlord of the Pleasuredome 05:50


Ronny Kristiansen, Glenn Thomas Solberg and Tor Erik Hagen


With an album name such as Overlord Of The Pleasuredome, you expect a huge sounding album and that's what Black Mammoth deliver with their superbly entertaining debut album. It's not the most original of sounds and the band may stick to closely to the Black Sabbath sound at times. Though this is still a great sounding record that should keep the Doom/Stoner Metal crowd happy for days on end.

The vocals are definitely influenced by the legendary Ozzy Osbourne. Black Mammoth inject a more Lovecraftian style of horror into their music that elevates their own brand of Doom Metal to a different level. Plus the lyrics held on the album do hit upon some very cool and dark subject matters.

The opening 3 songs Artificial Goliath, Tainted Woman and Holy One Conspiracy start the album in true Doom Metal fashion with blazing riffs that are from the old school of Sabbathian inspired licks. The psychedelic rock grooves allows Black Mammoth to play some fantastic guitar solos when played against the intense heavy drumming.

Later songs on the album such as Sweet Venom Receiver, Here I Am, Envy The Dead and the excellent title track all have deep progressive sounds matched against the dark lyrical content that the band have written here. They manage to create a genuine air of excitement especially if you're a true Black Sabbath fan. Black Mammoth do show their love and appreciation for other legendary bands of the Stoner Metal and Hard Rock scenes. As you will hear influences diverse as Kyuss, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple and Led Zepplin.

Black Mammoth aren't striving for originality on this album but they will entertain you with their own dark and twisted take on Doom/Stoner Metal music. The production on the album is clear and crisp. With the whole sound of the album manage to feel that this album was actually released from the heyday of 70s Doom Metal/Hard Rock.

Overlord Of The Pleasuredome is a fantastic album. Plain and simple.

Words by Steve Howe