Wednesday 10 January 2018

Wolftooth - S/T (Album Review)

Release date: DD – Jan 19th 2018, CD, Mar 05th 2018. Vinyl, May 2018. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Wolftooth – S/T – Tracklisting

1. Blackbirds Call
2. Aegaeon
3. Sword Of My Father
4. White Mountain
5. Frost Lord
6. The Huntress
7. Season Of The Witch
8. Forged In Fire


Chris Sullivan - Guitar/ Vocals
Terry McDaniel - Bass
Jeff Cole - Guitar
Johnny Harrod - Drums/Vocals


For those who were enamoured by last years phenomenal three track EP by Richmond, Indiana's Wolftooth (and those who are not enamoured with it, simply haven't heard it yet and once they do as well as this album they undoubtedly will be), and who were wildly awaiting more material from the band, salvation is at hand with the release of their self titled debut album.

This monolithic eight track record (which thankfully feature the three stunning tracks that made up the EP) showcases a band who both promise and deliver outright with their music.

Wolftooth mix classic riffs (whether they are doomy, thrash, alternative, metal, stoner or a simply mesmerising mix of all) with the soaring, bluesy vocals of frontman Chris Sullivan and sweeping and heartfelt rhythms to create a behemoth of sound that is impossible not to get swept up by, this is music that will consume your heart and your head.

The trio of tracks that made up the EP still stand out and those tracks, the beautiful and hypnotic Aegaeon, the blissful and powerful The Huntress and the energetic bass led rhythms of White Mountain slot in perfectly with the rest of the album. Their inclusion results in the whole record standing out as a cohesive piece of artistry and the result is an eclectic mix of all that makes this kind of music so good and heaven for all fans of riff filled joyous music.

Songs such as the sublime opener Blackbirds Call, the pure power of Sword Of My Father, the magnificent Season Of The Witch and grooving album closer Forged sin Fire to name but a few are perfect examples of the brilliance of Wolftooth's music and the brilliance of this album.

The band play their hearts out throughout and the quality of the songs is unsurpassable in terms of execution with Sullivan (who also plays guitar) and the rest of the band (guitarist Jeff Cole, bassist Terry McDaniel Jr and drummer Johnny Harrod) demonstrating their skills as musicians and their vivacity for the music they are playing.

Even though it is so early into the new year, the quality of Wolftooth music is so strong and their songs are so well crafted and passionately delivered (and you also won't hear as many great riffs on an album) that it can be confidently stated that this album will feature at the top of many year ends lists when we finally get there, its that good an album.

Words by Gavin Brown

Thanks to Niels from Cursed Tongue Records for the promo. The album will be available to buy on DD – Jan 19th 2018, CD - Mar 05th 2018 and Vinyl - May 2018.

CD will be released by Blackseed Records. Vinyl will be released by Cursed Tongue Records.