Saturday 20 January 2018

Voidian - .​.​.​And Darkness was Upon the Face of the Deep (EP Review)

Release date: November 24th 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

.​.​.​And Darkness was Upon the Face of the Deep – Tracklisting
1.City of Dread 09:17
2.The Murderous Sea 16:55


Dr.Witch: Bass and vocals
Mr.Void: Drums and vocals
Sgt.Doom: Guitars and vocals


Belgian Sludge/Doom/Post-Metallers Voidian new EP .​.​.​And Darkness was Upon the Face of the Deep offers two tracks that offer almost 25 minutes of heavy psychedelic nightmarish Doom/Post-Metal vibes. The vocals are split between the 3 band members and they offer a pissed off style of heavy grunts, clean vocals and disturbing growls.

The music drifts from Occult Doomish Rock to the heavy Sludge/Post-Metal style of music. Though the band are not adverse to switching the mood of the EP and offer a more psychedelic post-rock sound. The two tracks on offer here are brutally heavy and with a raw DIY edge. The sound can be too raw at times and the production is quite flat in certain places. It doesn't stop this being a very good record. It may take some time for people to warm up to overall sound of Voidian.

The music is superb though. As the band pummel their way through the Doom/Sludge and Post-Metal landscape with absolute conviction. If you like epic progressive songs with a dark edge then look no more. As Voidian could be the band you've been looking for.

The standout track has to the almost 17 minute offering – The Murderous Sea. As it offers the heaviest and darkest themes on the EP. Voidian fully explore their musical identity on this track and it leaves you wanting more. It does start off very slowly but the mood becomes more violent and extremely heavy.

Overall this is an excellent EP from Voidian and it makes me want to hear more from the band. Perhaps on a longer EP or full length album of some sort. Until then .​.​.​And Darkness was Upon the Face of the Deep will satisfy all of the Doom/Sludge/Post-Metal hordes currently out there looking for their next dark fix...

Words by Steve Howe