Thursday 18 January 2018

Mother Mars - On Lunar Highlands (Album Review)

Release date: December 08th 2017. Label: Pepper Shaker Records. Format: CD/DD

On Lunar Highlands – Tracklisting

1.Wrecker's Reunion Ball 04:59
2.Lost Planet Airmen 04:34
3.Thought It Best To Cut You Loose 05:32
4.Soap Bar Pick-Up Joint 03:41
5.The Stalwarts Of Saltwort Castle 09:30
6.The Working Mind Of The Creator 03:44
7.Woodhollow Green 12:54
8.Never Fail 04:12
9.Bigger Than Fear 05:43
10.On Lunar Highlands 08:35
11.The Heavy Hand Of The Destroyer 04:14


Frank Attard: drums, percussion, Clavinet, synth, meandering chaos
Paul Attard: guitar, bass, synth, banjo-mandolin, piano, organ, complications
Dave Schembri: vocals, harmonica, mellow vibes
Matthew Slager: lead guitar on 'Never Fail'


Aussie Psych Doom/Stoner Rockers – Mother Mars – are back with their 4th album – On Lunar Highlands. This album sees the band venture further into their 70s sounding Psychedelic Doom persona compared to previous albums. It maybe a tad overlong at 70 minutes in length but at least Mother Mars keep you entertained through the epic running time.

The music is vibrant, psychedelic and freaky AS HELL from the start. 

Opening track – Wrecker's Reunion Ball – is a seedy sounding doom little number with elements of Psychedelic Stoner Rock interacting superbly well with the Blues Rock drone based sounds. The vocals from Dave never disappoint and he's on inspired form here. Taking influence from the bombastic lead singers of the 60s and 70s but with an almighty confident swagger. Mother Mars add swirling noises that allows this track to standout as one of the albums finest tracks.

On Lunar Highlands progresses onto other great songs such as: Lost Planet Airmen, Thought It Best To Cut You Loose and Soap Bar Pick-Up Joint. As the band embrace a more classic rock dynamic with both their music and lyrical content.

Mother Mars impressed me the most with the two epic songs (The Stalwarts Of Saltwort Castle and Woodhollow Green) they've included on the album. As they enter a world of crazy psychedelic stoner rock that fans of the classic Black Sabbath sound will love. These two songs contain perhaps the best sounding “Space Rock” moments and Mother Mars employ a more “Jam” based style of music.

The album is perhaps too progressive for it's own good. Though that's perhaps one of the best things about the album. As Mother Mars have thrown everything into the mix and have created a superbly entertaining album that shows you why they are considered one of Australia's Premier Stoner Rock Bands. On this form, who can argue with that...

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe