Saturday 27 January 2018

GARGANJUA - Through The Void (Album Review)

Release date: April 2018 Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Through The Void – Tracklisting

Crushed Beneath The Tide
Through The Void
A Distant Shore


Scott- Guitars/Vocals
Gaz - Bass/Vocals
Gazz - Guitars
Ben - Drums


I must have started to write this review then delete it all just to start again at least four or five times now.

I'm obviously no journalist, I'm just a chap who is lucky enough to be able to hear some of the best new heavy music that gets released year after year and all I have to do in return is to put into words what I thought of it.

Easy right?


Especially when you have bands like Garganjua releasing records like their phenomenal new album "Through The Void"

I'm lucky enough to be able to consider them friends and we have shared a stage together a few times now and they're all too humble when we tell them how good they are to actually listen to us. I'm pretty confident in saying that after the release of "Through The Void" they're going to have to start listening to an awful lot of people telling them much the same.

Garganjua have managed to release a frankly breath taking, mature, emotional and completely captivating record that in places is reminiscent of Pallbearer, Yob and Ahab. It's like being drawn into the sea by its beauty and then before you know it it's pulled you in and swept you away without a trace.

There are four tracks on offer here, but don't think you're being short changed as each and every track is pretty much a masterpiece in its own right. The perfect blend of clean heartfelt and low rumbling vocals, huge riffs that ebb and flow like the tide and a rhythm section that drives the chaos beautifully.

Standout tracks for me being the immense "Crushed Beneath The Tide" and the title track itself. The former being the album opener and being blessed with a riff that has no right to have that amount of swagger and groove on a doom record and the latter is now available as a video the band released as a thank you for hitting their Pledge Music target to get the vinyl release this album so richly needs.

I strongly suggest you click on the following link and go and listen to it now...

"Through The Void" is nothing short of a magnificent release and the band should be proud of what they're about to unleash on the world. Their Pledge campaign may have hit its goal but there is still time to add your name to the list and make sure you secure a copy of what's going to be one of the essential doom records of the year.

Words by Simon Williams

Through The Void will be released via their Pledge Music Campaign here in April 2018.