Monday 2 March 2020

Nero di Marte - Immoto (Album Review)

Release date: 24 January 2020. Label: Season Of Mist. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Immoto - Tracklisting

1. Sisyphos
2. L'Arca
3. Immoto
4. Semicerchi
5. La Casa Del Diavolo
6. Irradia
7. La Fuga


Sean Worrell - vocals, guitar
Francesco D'Adamo - guitars
Andrea Burgio - bass guitar
Giulio Galati - drums, perc


Italy’s Nero Di Marte knocked me off my feet with both their previous albums, ‘Nero Di Marte’ and ‘Derivae’. They had the world by the balls and the talent to match it, but then…nothing! Everything involving the band went quiet to the point I thought they were no more. But the occasional update on their website would eventually appear stating new music was in the works and songs are being written etc etc…only for more silence to ensue. Finally though, words filtered through that their new, third, full-length was completed and ready to be released. Naturally, I was beyond stoked that the old beast was back but would they be able to build on their former glory? Hell, fucking yes, and then some! Therefore, read on as I’m salivating over Nero Di Marte’s triumphant return with the brand new wax, ‘Immoto’.

One significant change occurred during the six years Nero Di Marte worked on the new platter. Drummer Marco Bolognini left only to be replaced by beast-man Giulio Galati and in hindsight, what a revelation he is. Because the way the band plays on ‘Immoto’ it requires a skin-basher with eight arms and inter galactic powers to pull it off! Another change is the shift the band has gone through musically. The crushing metal from before is still present and even more in your face. However, they have incorporated slower, metaphysical and dreamlike parts and interwoven with the intensity from the heaviness, the music on hand is other-worldly, expansive and absolutely amazing. Picture the band playing on top of an erupting volcano with no abandon, while adding dollops of Neurosis and death metal into the fray and keeping it experimental and trance-inducing, and you’re pretty damned close what ‘Immoto’ sounds like.

Sisyphos’ goes through so many different emotions and basically captures the whole essence of this album. It’s slow, introspective and trippy only to explode into full on death metal, the drums in particular, with Steve Von Till-like vocals, all while switching back and forth between tempos. Sounds schizo? It isn’t, in fact it’s rather brilliant! ‘L’Arca’ is more evenly paced, at a mid-tempo level. At the same time Nero Di Marte keep a dream-like feeling which elevates the song to something very, nay, extremely good. ‘Immoto’ starts off with soft almost whispered voices. Sean’s vocals sounds so haunted and tormented. Minimalistic musically, kind of tribe-like and hypnotic it envelops and carries me off into the farthest reaches of my mind. Reflective and soul searching and inspiring. Goes full tilt towards the end…amazing! ‘Semicerchi’ keeps in line with ‘Immoto’ by offering a wonderful feeling of being in a trance and floating as well as keeping the instrumentation minimalistic. Half spoken whispered lyrics which definitely heightens the out-of-body sensation. A slightly faster second half which gradually fades out into wondrous worlds.

La Casa del Diavolo’ is dark and foreboding with a sense of impending doom. After a couple of minutes or so, the fury is unleashed. Not brutally fast but the pace is upped and the band crushes before weaving back and forth tempo-wise. ‘Irradia’ is how I imagine floating in space would be like. Soothing, calming and inspiring while watching and observing everything around you in new light. Brilliant! Closer ‘La Fuga’ is chaotic and intense, yet perfectly balanced and cathartic; you can’t really ask for more! The band throws down the gauntlet and tears it up and it is bloody fantastic!

Bentornato Nero Di Marte! You’ve been missed but with this brilliant return, in the shape of ‘Immoto’, order has been restored in the world. Emulating and surpassing their previous excellent records, this is the perfect example on how a band grows the proper way. Slight changes and even better musicianship all while retaining the traits that made you, is the way to go. And Nero Di Marte does it so well. Don’t miss out in this album, or band, people. This is a must in everyone’s life. Mille grazie gentiluomini!

Words by Håkan Nyman

Thanks to Katy at Season Of Mist for the promo. Immoto is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Season Of Mist now.