Saturday 14 March 2020

Vinnum Sabbathi - Of Dimensions And Theories (Album Review)

Release date: March 06th 2020. Label: Stolen Body Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Of Dimensions And Theories - Tracklisting

1.In Search of M-Theory
2.Quantum Determinism
3.An Appraisal
4.Beyond Perturbative States
5.A Superstring Revolution I
6.A Superstring Revolution II


Alberto (Guitar)
Samuel (Bass)
Mico / Gerardo (Drums)
Roman (Live Samples & Synth)


Vinnum Sabbathi new album – Of Dimensions And Theories – (ODAT) – continues the journey that Post-Doom/Sludge Metal Instrumentalists – Cegvera – started with The Sixth Glare. As this ambitious two-part concept album told through different bands now goes into outer space with Vinnum Sabbathi telling the next thrilling chapter that The Sixth Glare ended upon.

Whilst The Sixth Glare focused upon the almost end and complete destruction of humanity, this sees the last remain of the survivors journeying into space and the perilous journey they end up taking.

As with Cegvera new album. Vinnum Sabbath excel themselves with their new record. As ODAT is full of rich ideas that could leave people confused especially if you haven’t heard The Sixth Glare. As the album is spliced with little bits of information from that album but with a more cosmic and spaced out vibe.

If you’ve heard of Vinnum Sabbathi’s previous records, then their trademark Psychedelic Doom and Spaced Out Stoner Metal grooves are still there but played at a heavier level and perhaps even more progressive than ever before. The ever-present audio soundbytes make a welcome return and drive the story along through it’s natural, bleak and heavy conclusion.

The album is split into two parts. The first part is the four epic songs (In Search Of M-Theory, Quantum Determinism, A Superstring Revolution I and A Superstring Revolution II) represent the “Dimensions” part of the album with the focus primarily being on the Space Exploration of the story.

The second part represent the “Theories” part of the album with two shorter songs (An Appraisal and Beyond Perturbative States) representing the public’s view of the current situation on the planet.

Vinnum Sabbathi take different approaches with all of the songs on the album and perhaps at their creative best on the “Theories” part of the album. As the soundclips used against the Ambient Post-Rock sounds add a more depressing feel to the overall sound of the album.

I may have gone slightly deeper than I would have liked with this review and I make no apologies for that. As the story is equally as important as the music itself. Though, the music is equally as powerful with Vinnum Sabbathi continuing with their distinctive blend of Prog Metal, Psych, Doom, Stoner and Sludge Metal combining for a more cinematic style of music.

The standout songs are perhaps the “Dimensions” part of the album with Vinnum Sabbathi bringing the best and heaviest sounds on that part of the album. The instrumental work can be distorted at times and the use of Electronic Sounds add an extra layer of intelligence to the overall story of the entire album.

Of Dimensions And Theories is a complex and multi-layered album that’s just as accessible as their celebrated debut album but the band deserve credit for going down a different route for this album. If you’re not bothered about the story and only here for the riffs and that’s fine too. As Vinnum Sabbathi have you covered on all fronts with a wide range of different genres within the Heavy Rock spectrum.

This album like The Sixth Glare is an Album Of The Year contender for myself. The hardest part for myself will be deciding which one is the better album. At this moment in time, I can’t decide and they’re equally as brilliant as each other. If you’ve already own The Sixth Glare, then Of Dimensions And Theories is an essential purchase.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Vinnum Sabbathi and Stolen Body Records for the promo. Of Dimensions And Theories is available to buy on DD/CD/Vinyl via Stolen Body Records from March 27th 2020