Saturday 21 March 2020

Sorcia - S/T (Album Review)

Release date: March 13th 2020. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

Sorcia – S/T – Tracklisting

1.In The Head 05:09
2.Nowhere But Up 05:48
3.Coffin Nails 05:59
4.Sunburn 05:44
5.Stars Collide 09:01
6.Stoned Believer 07:01
7.Repression 07:00


Neal De Atley: Guitar/Vocals
Jessica Brasch: Bass/Vocals
Bryson Marcey: Drums


Sorcia self-titled debut album acts and sounds more like a statement of intent from the band. As this is one of the most self assured and highly confident debut albums I’ve had the pleasure to listen to for a very long time. The band are from Seattle and I was kinda expecting a “Grunge” based album but that’s furthest from the truth with Sorcia playing a dirty and heavy blend of Sludge Rock/Metal that branches out into other areas of Doom/Stoner Metal but still sounding quite original in places.

The album consists of 7 songs and each one allows Sorcia to expand their musical horizon with each passing moment. As the music becomes heavier, richer and even filthier in places.

Opening song – In The Head – is a good indicator on which direction the album ultimately goes upon but still allowing the band to try different things as well. The down-tuned heavy guitars is quite intense in places with an aggressive Sludge Rock/Metal groove dictating the action and Neal’s vocals having a slight “NOLA” feel to them. The music is played at a mid to slow pace which adds a more atmospheric edge to their overall sound.

Second song – Nowhere But Up – may have a slightly upbeat title but the music is anything but. As Sorcia continue their down-tuned and depressing journey into the Doom Metal darkness that has a distorted Blues Rock vibe holding everything together. The music speeds up slightly but the band impress the most when the music is played at a more slower pace. As you can soak everything in at your own leisure. The heavy pounding bass riffs from Jessica and intense drumming from Bryson allow them to have their own time in the spotlight and dazzle with the excellent musical skills.

Sorcia continue their bleak and down-tuned approach on the rest of the album with more epic sounding Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal sounds moving further into the darkness.

Other cool songs to check out are: Coffin Nails, Sunburn, Stars Collide and Repression. As these are the songs where finally Sorcia impress the most with some of the heaviest grooves on the entire album especially the 9 minute epic of Stars Collide. Which is perhaps my favourite song on the album.

You have got to give Sorcia credit for getting Grunge Legends – Tad Doyle and Jack Endino – to work on this album and it shows. The whole album sounds excellent from start to finish and there isn’t a Grunge riff or influence in sight.

Overall, Sorcia debut album is one that demands respect from whoever listens to this album. Do yourself a favour and get yourself acquainted with this great band. You won’t be sorry….

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Sorcia and Leanne at Mettle Media PR for the promo. The album is available to buy now.