Monday 22 March 2021

LMI / Vulturepeak Split Release (EP Review)

Release date: February 08th 2021. Label: Self Released. Format: DD 

LMI/Vulturepeak Split Release – Tracklisting

1.LMI - Blind to the Source 02:02
2.LMI - Deconstruct 02:27
3.LMI - Forcing the Tone 02:51
4.LMI - Karma Harness 02:42
5.LMI - Never Absolute 02:43
6.Vulturepeak - Youth End 02:56
7.Vulturepeak - Filth Servant 03:55
8.Vulturepeak - Glide & Swarm 04:37
9.Vulturepeak - Life Gathers 05:43


This tasty split release comes from two Pennsylvania bands called L.M.I. and Vulturepeak. Both bands play a different style of Hardcore Punk/Metal to each other. L.M.I. play a more Hardcore/Stoner Metal variety with Vulturepeak playing a harsher and Blackened Style of music. 

This release allows both bands to offer a fast-paced style of music that is very raw-sounding and fits firmly with the aesthetics of Hardcore Punk.

L.M.I. have been featured on this blog before and they’ve moved away from their earlier Stoner Rock sound for a more brutal style of Sludge/Doom Metal. The songs they offer are aggressive and quite catchy in places and have a “Kvelertak” appeal to them especially on songs such as: Deconstruct, Forcing The Tone and Never Absolute.

Vulturepeak are a new band for myself and they surprised me with their bleak style of world-weary lyrics and even harsher grooves to match. The first two songs are your standard Hardcore/Blackened Sludge fare with the band playing a pissed-off and no-holds barred style of music. Though, the final two songs of their split Glide & Swarm and Life Gathers impressed me more.

As the songs are long and Vulturepeak have more time to play with and offer a more “Post-Metallic” vibe. The overall feel of the songs are way more engaging with pummelling Sludge grooves leaving myself wanting more.

This is a solid and well-produced release that gets the job done in highlighting two fantastic bands to Pennsylvania Hardcore Punk/Metal scene.

Words by Steve Howe

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