Sunday 21 March 2021

Spliffripper - S/T (Album Review)


Release date: March 26th 2021. Label: Desert Records. Format: CD/DD

Spiiffripper – S/T – Tracklisting

2.Left is Law 
4.Chief Kief
5.Maui Waui
6.Funeral Bong
7.Jazz Cabbage


Granddaddy Purple - Riffweaver/Exhaler
Sgt. Stoned - Doomstick
Smokey “B┼Źng” McBongwater - Primitive Skin Slapper


Spliffripper describe themselves as an “anti-stoner reefer-enforcement squadron” and are here to tell Stoner Metal followers the dangers of Marijuana and the culture that grows from it. So with myself being a Stoner Metal blog, I’m willing to take my chances with this enforcement squadron and their self-titled debut album.

Spliffripper have hit upon a very novel and original idea for a Doom/Stoner Metal album with the band bringing a sly sense of humour to the album. The album is “anti-stoner” from start to finish but the beauty of this all is that the band have released a superb debut album that falls right into the hands of Stoner Metal fans who worship bands such as Bongzilla, Weedeater and Church Of Misery with the music having a slightly depressing overall feel compared to recent Stoner Metal bands.

Opening song – Bongbreaker – is a down-tempo affair spliced with “WEEDIAN” ideology and runs away with blazing grooves that BONGZILLA were known for back in the day. The chainsaw based vocals are easy to understand with the lyrics having a black comedic sense of humour to them. Though, it’s the music that’s the real standout here with Spliffripper playing classic WEEDIAN and Stoner Metal sounds merged with a murky Doom Metal atmosphere.

Second song – Left Is Law – opens with a Punk Rock mentality with fast-paced and lo-fi riffs having a rebellious nature to them. The band do bring a Church Of Misery influence into the mix on this song though obviously replacing tales of Serial Killers with Hipsters smoking Weed. The music is violently loud with an aggressive streak that Spliffripper never lose sight of on the album.

Third song – Vietbong – is quite a serious song despite the Stoner based song title with a vintage newsflash putting things into perspective before the band continue with their style of hard-hitting vocals and slow-paced grooves. The band even find the time to enjoy themselves more on this song with some flashy guitar solos being played on the song. Though, the album still retains it’s “serious” message despite the heavier sound appearing.

Spliffripper continues with their darkly comedic take on how the mighty WEED has influenced society over the last 60 years or so. The albums message maybe too “preachy” at times but I dig what Spliffripper are aiming for this album and they succeed in creating a unique and rebellious audio experience.

The band impress even further on songs such as: Chief Kief, Funeral Bong and the gloriously progressive final song – Jazz Cabbage.

Spliffripper have released a brilliantly entertaining and thought-provoking album that should allow the band to gain further exposure within the Doom/Stoner Metal community. This maybe the craziest and original debut albums we maybe hear all year. So be prepared for the “anti-stoner reefer-enforcement squadron” to enter your pitiful lives in a big way….

Words by Steve Howe

Spliffripper debut album will be available to buy on CD/DD via Desert Records from March 26th 2021.