Sunday 14 March 2021

Killed A Fox Announce 2021 UK Tour

Killed a Fox, Croatian rockers are finally coming to UK. Stoner four-piece have penned a week long tour that will see the band play Norwich, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool and London.

Last year’s “Crown Shyness” album has been met by an avalanche of positive feedback, from the fans and critics alike. Crossing borders and moulding stoner and metal has put a band on a new path. And found them some celebrity friends. Shows with Black Tusk, Bison and EyeHateGod have spread the Foxes rock sermon even further.

Killed a Fox started out as a three piece (vocals, two guitars) in Zagreb, Croatia in the fall of 2006. recording demos in an improvised home studio where they spent most of 2007. Soon they found a bass player and a drummer and the band immediately booked numerous shows and worked tirelessly on their material. After a couple of years of playing live and gathering priceless experience, the band recorded their debut album 'Fluorescence' in early 2009. Their musical identity lies somewhere between alternative rock/metal and psychedelic rock with an exceptional sense of rhythm and melody.

They are well known as a great live act with "sweat-no-matter-what" attitude.

After a change in the line-up in 2010. the band became a four piece and continued that way ever since. In late 2013. they released their second album titled ''Spring of Sloth and Haze'' from which they released their first video ''Hive'' and received praise from fans and critics. From that point on, the band became a crucial part of the Croatian underground scene. Together with other local acts they formed a band collective called ‘’House of Pablo’’ and in 2015. released two tracks on the self-titled compilation including a video for the song ‘’Beyond Repair’’.

After sharing the stage with names like Alice in Chains, Orange Goblin, EyeHateGod, Karma to Burn and many others throughout the years, the band retreated to work on their 3rd record named ''Crown Shyness'' from which they released the singles ’’Still Life Mirror’’ and ’’Submission’’. The album was released in March 2019 and was praised by fans and critics as one of the outstanding rock albums of the year.

UK Tour 2021

8.October - Liverpool
10.October - Edinburgh
11.October - Glasgow
14.October - Norwich
15.October - London

Check out the video for Submission

Thanks to Baltazar Rock for all the info.