Saturday 13 March 2021

Lord Mortvm - Diabolical Omen Of Hell (Album Review)

Release date: February 25th 2021. Label: Regain Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl/Cassette

Diabolical Omen Of Hell – Tracklisting

1.Altar Obscene 07:34
2.Devil Doll 03:44
3.Omega XIII 07:16
4.Children of Haze 05:25
5.Sodomizing with Satan 06:19
6.Merciful Lord 10:05


Lord Mortvm - Everything


Lord Mortvm is a one-man Blackened Doom Metal band from Norway and he focuses on the harsher side of Stoner Metal and Doom Metal with his Blackened Metal creative outlook with his stunning debut album Diabolical Omen Of Hell. Though Lord Mortvm does spice things up a bit with elements of Hard Rock, Psychedelic Metal and Occult vibrant energy.

This is still a brutally entertaining album with the riffs being quite groove-orientated in places with the excellent opening track Altar Obscene fitting superbly well into the legendary Nordic Extreme/Black Metal scene. The heavy guitars have a not-too-subtle LO-FI vibe which is understandable for an album such as this. The instrumental work is superb with the right amount of menacing Black Metal energy. The added bonus of the “Religious” soundclip is a nice touch and brings modern day relevance to not only the Black Metal scene but the entire Hard Rock/Heavy Metal scene in general.

Lord Mortvm shows his appreciation for Classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with some epic guitar solos that shouldn’t really be on a record such as this but at least he’s trying something different with his musical output.

The album moves into darker and bleaker territory with the songs Devil Doll and Omega XIII with the record keeping up with lo-fi Psychedelic Black Metal vibe. Eerie vocals and bleak lyrics offer the right amount of Doom Metal mentality that is backed along by a thumping Hard Rock sound to allows the album to be that little more “friendly” than it should be. It’s still an extreme album but there’s a lot of cool surprises for Hard Rock audiences amongst the Extreme Metal crowd.

The 6 songs on the album shows that Lord Mortvm is hugely talented individual who creates fantastic sounding songs with a huge likeability factor to them. Who says Black Metal doesn’t DOOM like this. If it’s not meant to be then Lord Mortvm didn’t get the memo.

Other standout tracks include: Children Of Haze and Merciful Lord. As the 2nd half of the record is perhaps the most menacing of the album with Lord Mortvm offering a lot of sound advice on organized religion and other nasty things going on in the world.

Lord Mortvm did everything himself on this record and it’s great to see him get the praise he fully deserves within the Black Metal/Doom Metal scene. He’s a lovely guy who I’ve had brief interactions with on Social Media and I’m happy to call myself a fan of his work and his superb debut album.

Diabolical Omen Of Hell is a diabolically brilliant album and should go down a storm with both the Black Metal, Stoner Metal and Doom Metal communities.

Words by Steve Howe

Regain Records will be releasing Diabolical Omen Of Hell on CD/DD/Cassette/Vinyl from June 25th 2021 via Regain Records which you can pre-order now.