Monday 26 April 2021

Rift Giant - Cataclysm (Album Review)

Release date: May 1st 2021. Label: Planet K Records. Format: CD/DD

Cataclysm – Tracklisting

1.Into the Rift 
3.Queen Witch 
4.Slaves, she made us
5.To Three
6.Blocks out the Sun
7.Rift Giant


Matthew Pither - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Thomas Ramkilde – Drums


Rift Giant 2nd full length album Cataclysm carries on the successful themes and sounds first heard on their last album but this has a more intense atmosphere to it all. The band still take influence from High On Fire and Mastodon but with more fantastical elements which is heard through the lyrics and seen through the imagery on the excellent album cover.

If you’re a fan of that style of music then Cataclysm will be the album for you. Matthew and Thomas go all out on this record with heavy grooves that have a slight Alternative/Thrash Metal feel to them. The vocals from Matthew are rooted in the early style of Mastodon and High On Fire based vocals though clean based.

The music is fast-paced and has a “DIY PUNK” vibe to it all. Throw in some BEASTWARS impressive world-building and Rift Giant are on to a winner here. The 8 songs combines all the good things that I admire most from the world of Sludge/Stoner Metal. Heavy, Loud and Precise Riffs with a violent and dirty Psychedelic undercurrent that brings a modern style of “DOOM METAL” to the album.

Standout songs include: Into The Rift, Hubris, Queen Witch, To Three, Rift Giant and Cataclysm. As these songs allow Rift Giant the opportunity to play a wild and vivid style of Sludge/Stoner Metal with a beautifully delivered “LO-FI” atmosphere.

For a two-piece band, Rift Giant are LOUD and there are times I found the volume quite deafening in places. Though, that’s a good thing. As the band are not afraid to try different levels of volume on this album. So be prepared for a varied style of different songs that Rift Giant play to the best of their musical abilities. 

Cataclysm is a wonderfully epic sounding record that grabs you from the word go and impresses with it’s non-stop style of head-banging and bone-crunching grooves that should have Doom, Sludge, Stoner and Thrash fans entertained from start to finish.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to The Metallist PR for the promo. Cataclysm will be available to buy on CD/DD via Planet K Records from May 1st 2021.