Wednesday 7 April 2021

Zac Crye - All The Same (EP Review)

Release Date: 16th April 2021. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

All The Same - Tracklisting

All The Same

Look Out Above



The Roads


Zac Crye - Everything


All The Same is the new EP from Zac Crye who played and recorded everything on this release. This EP is a collection of Psychedelic Stoner Rock tunes with Zac on fine form across the 5 songs held on the release. The music is constantly engaging with a warm sunny attitude from Zac which explores the finer moments of the Stoner Rock genre.

Opening song - All The Same - is what you expect from a title track of the EP with Zac playing a heavy style of music that allows him plenty of opportunity to show off his fine musical skills with the grooves being a taste of Classic Desert/Stoner Rock to the heavier Hard Rock moments. The lyrics and vocals are superbly handled and drive this song to a fine and heavy conclusion,

Second song - Look Out Above - is perhaps the most rebellious track on the EP with Zac writing some spiky based lyrics that gives this song a more mature and grown-up sound. The song does take time to get going but once it does the heavy psychedelic moments become more focused with Zac revelling in his almost “Outlaw” persona I feel he uses for this song. The music is the real highlight here with the Stoner Rock grooves being effortlessly cool from start to finish.

Third song - Roach Weeds - offers a more twisted style of music with an almost “Doom” based distorted sound opening the song before the Desert/Stoner Rock riff appears. This has an early Fu Manchu vibe to it all as Zac once again emits “Desert/Stoner Rock” Outlaw Cool. A song of simple means but one that packs some fine heavy ideas of its own.

The final two songs - Firewater and The Road is where Zac excels the most on this release. As these two songs are more daring, bolder and even darker with some of the creative choices that Zac has made for this part of the EP. The music drifts from Heavy Stoner Rock to one of almost Americana based Doom especially on Firewater. I can detect a slight “Brant Bjork” influence on these two songs and that is no bad thing.

All The Same is a gloriously hip and supremely entertaining release that you can’t help but be swept along with. Awesome stuff….

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Infecting Cells PR for the promo. All The Same will be available to buy on DD from April 16th 2021


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