Monday 19 April 2021

1968. Salvation. If You Need... (Album Review)

Release Date: 20th April 2021. Record Label: No Profit Recordings. Format:DD/Vinyl

Salvation. If You Need... - Tracklisting

Railroad Boogie

Trail Of Dogs


Here It Lies



Eastern Wind

Small Victories

Night Hornet

God Bless

Band Members:

Jimi - Vocals

Sam Orr - Guitars

Bear - Bass

Dan - Drums


Salvation If You Need… is UK Psych Stoner Rockers 1968 contribution to the 4/20 celebrations and it maybe a different style album you would associate with 4/20 but there is a lot of Hard Rock influenced Stoner based grooves with a sense of almost Punk Rock and Classic Rock rebellion. The album cover should tell you that 1968 are happy to bend and rewrite the rules for their own purposes.

This album was recorded in Summer 2020 when the UK had a brief relaxation period from the lockdown rules the country keeps going through, 1968 have delivered an album packed full of 60s and 70s Hard Rock charm but with the added bonus of modern day Stoner Rock swagger.

There’s 10 tracks on this release and the band show early signs of playing a different sound on the excellent opening track - Railroad Boogie - which does show signs of almost ZZ-Top Boogie style rock with a glorious upbeat Psychedelic atmosphere. The vocals are bang-on point with classic rock guitars laying down the groundwork for the album to follow,

Second song - Trail Of Dogs - sees 1968 up the Stoner Rock ante with an almost Doom Rock vibe coming into play but the band hold off by playing a more singular Punk Rock vibe whilst setting off against a 70s Classic Hard Rock backdrop. There is also a “grunge” element which gives an almost “Soundgarden” feel and 1968 just seem to grow ever more confident with this song.

Third song - Blackwing - contains a more lo-fi Punk based environment with cool guitars playing an almost solitary style of music. The vocals feel stripped back along with the music but still allowing 1968 the opportunity to play some excellent guitar riffs along the way. 

Fourth song - Here It Lies - is where 1968 move up a gear and play the 1zt true standout song on the album where everything is played for maximum effect. Loud guitars and loud vocals remind myself of the sounds the band released on their debut album. The song moves effortlessly from one style of music to the next with the production being superb and offering 1968 the chance to play to their musical strengths with some of the best and flashiest sounds on the record.

1968 just go from strength to strength from here on in with the band bringing in a “Blues Rock” approach and writing some of the best parts of the album with the following songs impressing myself the most: Guts, Eastern Wind, Small Victories and Night Hornet.

Salvation. If You Need… is a much better record than their debut release. It may not seem that way at first as there’s a lot to take in with this release. This is a darker and more daring release with 1968 playing a blend of music that fuses the classic Psychedelic Rock sounds of yesteryear and the more hard-hitting Stoner Rock grooves of today. 

Overall, this album is a fantastic slice of Psychedelic Stoner Rock which is action-packed to keep fans coming back for more.

Words by Steve Howe

Salvation. If You Need… will be available to buy on DD/Vinyl via No Profit Recordings from April 20th 2021.


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