Friday 2 April 2021

Desert Records Announce: Legends of the Desert: Volume 2 featuring The Penitent Man and Cortége

LEGENDS OF THE DESERT: Volume 2 brings us further into the 'desert' by showcasing new and classic Desert Rock bands geographically located in the Southwestern United States.Continuing the vision of Vol.1, the second installment will introduce the world to two new “Legends” bands, carefully curated by Desert Record's owner Brad Frye.

Desert Records is excited to announce the bands: The Penitent Man (Utah) and Cortége (Texas).

Side A: 
THE PENITENT MAN is a 5-piece from Salt Lake City.

Blending Desert Rock, Classic Rock, Heavy Blues.

These exclusive songs featuring the special guest, Todd Ogren from Rival Sons on keyboard for all three tracks!

Sounds like Led Zeppelin teamed up with Alice in Chains to make an album in the desert.

A Long Deep Breath of Sadness–4:26
The Butcher–6:32
Rest My Weary Head–9:01

Side B: CORT´EGE is a duo from Austin, TX.

They play Ambient Doom mixed with post-western cinematic scores. Heavy bass guitar, drums, and tubular bells. Sounds like if Earth and Pink Floyd teamed up to do a soundtrack to a David Lynch film.

1. As it Lay (Heavy in the Air) - 10:25
2. Circling Above - 8:39

Maintaining the quality and consistency throughout the 7-part series, we will see the return of the Legends team.

New & stunning album artwork by the series artist, Joshua Mathis, features an album cover with a Gunslinger riding a Gila Monster.

The timeless, classic looking graphics and layout from Garrett Hellman will be featured along with Mathis’s artwork.

Mastering will be handled by the series audio mastering engineer, Mark Fuller.

Vinyl LP’s will be available in a limited edition of 500, including highly limited special color variants.
CD’s and digital downloads will be available.
Digital streaming will be available worldwide.

Enter further into the desert...

Pre-order everything here via Desert Records BandCamp